Baby Gifts - Organic Baby Gifts

Buying gifts for new babies is fun. The huge selection of items available for babies can take weeks to peruse, meaning you get to look, touch, play, and enjoy the experience for a while before the final purchase is made.

Things Sure Have Changed

There was a time when baby gifts all looked pretty much the same: a baby blanket or two, receiving blankets, sleepers, teething rings and stuffed toys. That was then. This is now - and now you can find delightful baby gifts that tickle the fancy and make both mom and baby happy. Some of the very cool baby gifts range from a baby sling to personalized baby gifts like ceramic shoe ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree, sporting baby's name and birthday. Even gifts of baby nursery furniture are common these days. A book shelf that matches the nursery furniture, wall hangings and imaginative decals to decorate the baby's space are becoming more common as baby gifts.

Where To Find Great Gifts

One of the places to look for gifts for a new baby is in a baby boutique. These shops specialize in baby things and you can find matching baby clothes, baby blankets, and car seat covers all in the same fabric pattern. Often baby boutiques offer imported items and specialties that you can't find in department stores. Handmade baby clothes and baby gift baskets pulled together from the selection of limited edition items makes your gift one that will be treasured.

Don't Forget the New Mom

New mom gift baskets are always a welcome item at a shower or when you go to visit for the first time after the baby is born. Pregnancy and having a baby can take a lot out of a woman, so a new mom gift basket filled with wonderful treats is a blessing. Organic skin scrub, bubble bath or bath oil, body lotion and foot cream packed into a basket with a plush towel and loofah sponge will help that new mom feel loved and remembered. Or, a basket filled with favorite things - edibles that won't hurt baby (if she's breastfeeding), a great magazine, and a lounging outfit will encourage her to take time out for herself when baby is asleep. Something that she'll really appreciate might be coupons for help when she needs it - like a free day of housekeeping, or cooking a meal, or driving her to an appointment with the baby. There are so many small things that can make a difference for a new mom.

Going Green

With the shift in thinking away from synthetics and the move toward being more ecologically friendly, the baby clothing and bedding industries have gotten into the act with wonderful clothing, diapers, blankets, and crib bedding made from certified organic fabrics. Bamboo, and 100% cotton are appearing more frequently as the fabrics of choice for baby clothes and blankets. By purchasing organic cotton baby clothes, baby bedding and organic cotton towels for baby, the health of the child as well as the health of the planet is positively affected.

To ensure that the organic baby items you want to purchase are the real thing, check for the certification mark of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Often items are passed off as organic by using the words "all natural", which is not synonymous with organic. Organic fibers last longer and are safer and softer than non-organic cloth. It costs more, but it's definitely worth the investment. A baby's skin is very sensitive and organic clothing and blankets help to keep it safe from rashes and reactions to synthetics.

If this is the first baby, then the new mom may have registered with a baby outlet in order to let people know what things she really would like to have, or what she needs to complete her baby's nursery. Check with her to find out if she is registered, and if so, you'll have a great opportunity to by something she'd like to have - you can't go wrong that way.

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