Baby Nursery Furniture

Make A Wish

If wishes were fishes, we'd bet you'd wish to be able to furnish your baby's nursery with the same stuff Angelina and Brad used in their nurseries. But, in today's economy, your wishes are probably more in line with your pocketbook. So, with that in mind, when you sit down to figure out where you should be spending your nursery budget, make sure that good, solid furniture is at the top of the list. Remember that top-end baby furniture will likely take a big chunk of your savings - however, you don't have to spend huge money to get excellent products. It is possible to get great deals and good prices on baby furniture if you know how to shop for it and where to look.

If You've Got Money To Spend...

Nursery furniture sets are available in quality materials or in cheaper materials that won't last. If your pocketbook will stand it, check out Ethan Allen Kids or Pottery Barn Kids (PB Kids) for some of the most wonderful designer nursery furniture around. With these products, which are at the high end of the price scale, you can expect the furniture to be hardwood and these collections have any furniture item you could ever think of, with many pieces usable throughout your child's life. Wooden cradles, nursery gliders, baby dressers and armoires in walnut, mahogany, cherry or oak are all available. The styles themselves are not cutting edge, but they are consistent and traditional and will work with any nursery décor you choose.

Another luxury collection of designer nursery furniture is Bratt Décor. They offer several different nursery furniture sets, including an over-the-top opulent nursery, one that is bold and one that is simple. Each one is unique and each one is very expensive. There are many different luxury nursery furniture companies and designers featuring exquisite nursery furniture for high-end buyers.

...Of If You're On a Budget

However, if you're shopping with your checklist in hand and watching prices as you go, then the good news is that you are both normal and smart. When looking for nursery furniture that won't send you to the poorhouse, be sure to remember that sacrificing quality isn't necessary. Cheap nursery furniture is just that - cheap. You can get good quality, hardwood nursery furniture at cheap prices, though. Don't compromise quality for price. Nursery furniture sales at discount outlet stores or wholesale furniture warehouse stores are great places to find hardwood furniture at low prices. You can also find quality products online and even at garage or yard sales.

Where to Find Good Deals

There is a long list of nursery furniture companies producing goods today, and these products vary with the target segment of shoppers. Some are price targeted, some quality, some safety-wise, and others use their warranties as a selling feature. You can find nursery furniture sold through retailers, wholesalers, discount houses, and franchised chains. What is important for you to know and use as a criteria when purchasing a crib is that it should be certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). This certificate ensures that each item meets or exceeds voluntary industry safety standards which are stricter than the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Who's Making The Best Furniture?

Check out Childcraft Baby Furniture for quality furniture at reasonable prices. They are America's largest producer of baby furniture. Storkcraft Baby Furniture is sold in places like Babies R Us, Sears and Wal-Mart. Storkcraft is a Canadian manufacturer and their thrust is quality and safety. Da Vinci Baby Furniture is made of hardwood, is great looking, durable, and priced competitively. Check out some of the baby furniture catalogs online for styles, prices, and materials. This will give you a good idea of what's available and how much you'll have to pay for it in a retail situation.

By taking the time to shop around, and by thinking outside the box, you can furnish your baby's nursery in high-end style without paying high-end prices.

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