Baby Nursery - Popular Baby Nursery Themes

If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, then tackling the baby nursery will be loads of fun. If you're not, then you may want to enlist the help of a friend or family member to transform what was the sewing room, spare room, or guest room, into your baby's nursery.

It's Much More Than the Furniture

Decorating baby nurseries is far more than choosing a wonderful crib and baby furniture. In order to give the room the feeling you know your baby's nursery should have, you will want to pick a theme for the room. Nursery themes can come in the form of colors, patterns, characters, or motifs - anything from spacemen to sailors, princesses to ballerinas, flowers, stars, and polka dots. You are limited only by your imagination. If your imagination is not bent toward decorating, then check out a few baby nursery decorating ideas books to see what's new in the wonderful world of nurseries. You'll no doubt come up with a great inspiration for a baby nursery theme by simply looking through books.

Shopping to Enhance the Theme

Once you have your theme, shop for wall paper or fabric to reinforce the theme. Some popular modern baby nursery ideas these days include patchwork designs in blue and chocolate or pink and chocolate, Lady Bug prints, nautical stripes and colors, puppies, kitties, Care Bears, safari (a really popular one), and of course the Classic Pooh.

Choose a color from the design you've chosen to be the base color of the walls, and a darker or different color to be the feature wall, if you want one. A great baby nursery painting idea is to stencil characters or motifs on the feature wall - or hang baby nursery prints and pictures on the wall to complement what you've chosen as a theme. You can cut out characters or patterns from the fabric you've chosen for the room and either frame them or make wall stickers from them. Again, you're limited only by your imagination.

Choosing a Focal Point

A focal point is next. Many people choose the bed, but you might want to put the main focus on a great shelving unit that holds books and toys, or create a wall mural on the feature wall that will draw attention. The focal point reinforces the theme you've chosen for the nursery. At this point you can begin to add items to create the liveliness of the room. Pillows on the rocker, curtains, rugs, and lampshades in complementary colors that carry the theme of the room will add to the look.

Of course, you'll want to buy baby bedding in the pattern and colors that go with your theme. Your window treatment can also reflect the theme of the room. There are so many wonderful, colorful, and fun decorating ideas and items available today that it is possible to create a designer nursery for your baby without the cost of hiring a designer.

Making the Room Beautiful and Safe for Baby

Make sure that the paint you use is non-toxic and that the fabrics chosen are organic and free of pollutants and chemicals. Not only should the nursery reflect the theme you want, but it must also be a very environmentally safe place for your baby and yourself. You'll be spending a lot of time in there, especially when the baby is tiny. And, your baby will be spending many, many hours in that room. Why not make it the fun and safe environment you dream of? With a little imagination and some help from your friends, you will be able to transform the space into the nursery you desire.

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