Kids Bedding - Quilts and Character Bedding

As your baby grows and becomes familiar with characters in books and DVDs, as well as movies and television, there will be some characters that really become favorites. What child doesn't love Elmo from Sesame Street, or Winnie the Pooh? Creating a theme based on your toddler's favorite character will go a long way to making the bedroom a happy and comfortable place to play and sleep.

Where to Find Kids' Bedding

Kids character bedding can be found in baby stores and department stores anywhere you live. Some of the great designs for boys bedding include Bob the Builder, Roary the Racing Car and Thomas the Tank Engine. These fun designs in toddler bedding, along with the accompanying accessories, transform a child's room into a very personal space. There is no end to the things you can add to enhance the theme. The kids bedding usually includes sheets, pillow slips, and a kid's quilt. Then there are the rugs, valances and curtains, cushions, bean bag chairs and soft toys. Of course, all of these are for toddlers and preschoolers. Infant bedding is usually a different theme. But, as the child grows, the room theme will probably change a few times, especially as the size of the kids' beds change with their growth.

Designer Kids' Bedding

As today's parents are constantly on the lookout for ways to make their kids rooms out-of-this-world, designer kids bedding has come to the forefront and companies such as The Pottery Barn Kids provide some of the most fantastic high-end kids bedding, quilts, and furnishings. If designer kids bedding is on your list of things to buy, then check out Dwell Studio or My Baby Sam for some amazing designs. You can purchase character bedding in queen size kids bedding ensembles also. While queen sized beds may seem like overdoing it for a little one, there are companies like Olive Kids and Bed, Bath and Beyond that stock queen size kids bedding. Great character designs can be found to fit any mattress size.

Choosing The Best for Your Child

Just as you are particular about what your infant sleeps on, you are no doubt equally concerned about the quality and composition of the fabric your toddler or preschooler sleeps on as well. Some of the kids character bedding is stenciled, which means that the pattern may wash off or peel. That is not the kind of fabric you'd want to put next to your child's tender skin. When shopping for kids bedding, look for sheets that are made of 100% cotton. It's softer than synthetics and it breathes. Also, it doesn't come out of the dryer full of static which can cause small shocks to your child. Cotton flannel is a good choice for kids bedding. It stays warm and it is even softer than regular cotton. Remember that thread count will determine the quality of the cotton - the higher the count, the better the product.

Organic Tops Them All

Even better than regular cotton is organic cotton for kids bedding. Organic bedding is made of cotton, silk, or bamboo, and is guaranteed not to have any pollutants or chemicals used in the production of the product. Along with being eco-friends, true organic products also ensure that there has been no animal testing and that fair marketing has been used to produce and distribute the products. Organic bedding is available in the kids character bedding your child loves, and it's more available than ever. As people have become more conscious of the environment and the value of organic products, the demand for them as increased - which means that they're more readily available in regular stores as well as "green" stores.

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