Virtual Baby Games

How times change! In times gone by, we used to give rattles, teddy bears and books to our babies. But this is a new generation - the cyber generation! In a bid to teach children IT skills at the earliest possible age and to incorporate both learning and fun into an activity which babies and parents can share, many are now using online baby games to stimulate, teach and excite their infants. There is a range of free games on internet sites, as well as those you can buy in the shops or download at a cost.

Virtual Peek-A-Boo

For those more used to more traditional baby games, this may seem like a step too far. How can a little baby truly appreciate these virtual games? For those feeing a little sceptical it may be worthwhile reviewing some of the material available online. Developers have used great imagination in many of these games which just add a modern twist to old favourites. How about a simple colouring game or a virtual 'peek a boo', with animals, shapes and noises appearing at the touch of any key?!

Whilst some may feel that these games represent an erosion of more traditional pursuits, as always it is the customer who should be respected and whose vote counts the most. My 7-month old sat snuggled on my lap and her face lit up as she bashed away at the keys and watched, intrigued and wondrous as colours and shapes appeared on the screen, alongside a range weird and wonderful noises. The manufacturers use terms such as 'educational' and 'learning', which I am sure these games are, however, the bottom line is that they are fun and enjoyable.

Virtual baby games are a lovely activity that parents and babies can play together. They are not a replacement for 'old fashioned' fun but are a welcome addition. Go on, give them a try!

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