Baby Bottles 

Every mother should know about baby bottle safety - even if you're breastfeeding your infant. When you stop, you're going to need a safe bottle for weaning your baby. In fact, modern baby feeding systems often include breast pumps, breast milk storage containers and bottles specially designed for breast milk. These are great for working mothers or Moms on the go, because you can make sure your baby has breast milk at all times, even when you're not the one feeding her.

Baby Bottle Safety

A chemical called BPA (bisphenol-A), which until recently was contained in the plastic used to make many plastic baby bottles, is believed to be potentially dangerous for babies. Some medical researchers think that BPA leaks out of the plastic of the bottle and gets into babies' food and therefore into their tummies. BPA may disrupt the functioning of a baby's endocrine system.

Although there's no definitive evidence resulting from tests carried out on humans that BPA is dangerous, it's advisable to choose BPA free bottles. After all, baby safety is your paramount concern. There are now many plastic BPA free bottles on the market, and of course you could always go for a traditional glass bottle.

Glass Baby Bottles

Glass baby bottles do not contain BPA, and are seen by some as a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. Glass bottles have a long life if they're cleaned and sterilized carefully - some brands are even dishwasher safe.

Plastic Baby Bottles

There are a variety of well known brands of plastic baby bottles on the market, such as Playtex, Advent and Gerber. All these baby bottle manufacturers sell their products in the United States and many of them of sell baby bottles wholesale online.

Playtex Baby Bottles

All Playtex baby bottles are BPA free and bear a "BPA free" seal. Playtex produces a variety of different bottle and nipple styles. For example, you can buy a baby bottle designed to mimic the breastfeeding experience as closely as possible. There are also Playtex baby bottles designed to reduce baby gas, colic and spitting up.

Many Playtex bottles come with disposable bottle liners. These are pre-sterilized little sacks that slip inside the bottle and hold the breast milk or formula. The disposable liners extend the life of plastic bottles, which are not as easy to clean thoroughly as glass baby bottles. The liners therefore reduce your baby's exposure to germs.

Many baby bottle liners can be recycled. Recyclable liners will have a stamp on them indicating that they're suitable for recycling. So now there's no reason why eco-conscious parents should feel they have to choose glass bottles.

Advent Baby Bottles

Advent baby bottles are BPA free. This manufacturer is fully confident in the safety of its products and even when the BPA scandal first hit the headlines, Advent did not have to recall any of its baby bottles because they did not contain the chemical.

However, on reading Advent's own website it becomes clear that they consider BPA free to mean that there is no BPA in any part of the bottle that could cause BPA to enter the baby's digestive system. If you're buying an Advent baby bottle, perhaps you should ask your sales clerk exactly what this means - is there BPA in other parts of their bottles?

In any case, Advents bottles are made from two types of safe plastic:

- Polyethersulphone - a honey colored plastic

- Polypropylene - a milky colored plastic

Gerber Baby Bottles

Gerber produces BPA free bottles, but you should always check the label. Gerber baby bottles are available in clear plastic and "fashion tints" in fun shades of pink, blue and green.

Buying Baby Bottles Bulk

Buying baby bottles in bulk is a good money saver for parents. Let's face it, you're likely to get through a lot of them before your child moves onto solids, and even then you may still want to give her a bottle for drinking water.

The easiest way to buy baby bottles wholesale like this is probably to order them online. There are a number of websites offering this service. Pick a reputable one and remember to thoroughly check your bottles once you receive them, to make sure they're the genuine article, and not damaged in anyway.

Baby Bottle Reviews

You won't have to look far to find baby bottle reviews online, there are tons of them. is one good place to look These reviews may cover bottle safety factors other than BPA. These may include:

- How well a bottle seals

- Safety of the nipples and their leak proofness

- Whether or not a bottle can be used in the dishwasher or sterilizer

Remember that many reviews are also trying to sell you a product. Ask friends and family for recommendations before you buy your bottle.

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