Choose Safe And Healthy Baby Clothes

Many mothers-to-be find buying baby clothes one of the most fun and exciting parts of pregnancy and motherhood. Gone are the days of pink baby girl clothes, blue baby boy clothes and yellow if you don't yet know the sex - yes, baby fashion is here to stay! Whether you're looking for newborn baby clothes, discount baby clothes, or high-end boutique baby clothes, there's something out there for you.

Of course, when it comes to buying baby stuff, safety is always a concern, so let's talk a little about comfortable and healthy baby clothes before we move on to your options for buying hip baby wear.

Baby Skin Care

Some babies are prone skin rashes - nappy rash is probably the most common. Rashes can be caused by clothing that chafes or irritates the skin, or simply by putting your baby in clothes that make her too hot.

Rashes shouldn't be confused with baby skin conditions such as eczema, although the expertise of a pediatrician or dermatologist may be required to tell the difference. Eczema may also be irritated by clothing.

The basic rule of thumb is that your baby's clothes should be comfortable - not too tight, not too loose, and definitely not too hot and sweaty. Use the sizing on baby garments as guidance, not gospel. If your baby is bigger than average, buy bigger clothes, and vice versa.

Try to avoid baby clothes with buttons or other decorative items that can be pulled and possibly swallowed. Make sure that the fasteners on your baby's garments aren't digging into or irritating your baby's skin.

Organic Baby Clothes

Manufacturers of organic and eco-friendly baby clothes argue that because their products are made from non-chemically treated cottons, they must be less of an irritant than conventional baby clothing to sensitive baby skin. Of course, the makers of man-made baby clothing and non-organically produced cotton dispute this, and, like many things in life, there is no definitive proof as to who is right.

Organic clothes, on the one hand, are better for the environment, so that may be a deciding factor in your choice. If your baby is having skin problems in conventional baby clothing then you should definitely try organic clothing to see if it helps.

On the other hand, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that all baby sleep wear should be flame retardant. Natural fibers are generally not flame retardant unless they have been treated with chemicals (this can be done to cotton). More often, you'll find man-made fabrics are used to create flame resistant baby pajamas.

This won't be the first time you're faced with conflicting arguments when trying to make a parental decision - it's up to you - good luck!

Where To Buy Baby Clothes

Baby clothing will always be in demand, so it makes sense that baby clothes for all ages and sizes can be found in stores pretty much everywhere you go. You'll find baby wear sections within larger clothing stores, and of course in the stores of household names such as Walmart. There are also many dedicated baby clothing stores and even baby fashion boutiques where you can purchase designer label baby gear.

Many stores also have an online presence, so why not browse their fashions there? You can check out prices and then go to the store to make your purchases (this is a good way to budget sensibly for baby clothing - know exactly what you want before you enter the store). Alternatively you can order online and have the clothing delivered. Many stores will delay delivery of your purchases, at your request, until after your baby has been born.

Alternative Baby Clothing

Who says your baby has to be cute and fluffy all the time? If your own style is a little bit edgy why should your baby not have the same look? There are boutiques out there selling urban baby clothes for that funky city chic image, and even punk baby clothes (popular with parents who want to pay tribute to their favorite alternative music artists).

Or add a dose of humor to your baby's wardrobe with some funny baby clothes for parties, for visiting grandma and granddad, or for any other happy occasion. Want to dress your baby up as a rabbit, a tiger, or Winnie the Pooh? It can be done and done comfortably!

Have Fun!

Babying baby clothes is lots of fun, but remember to investigate standards and the materials that products are made from. Don't feel you have to break the bank - there are price tags to suit everyone, and styles to inspire everyone's imagination.

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