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Baby joggers have revolutionized our outdoor time with our babies. No longer are you limited to a gentle pace around a smoothly paved park, struggling to push a cumbersome stroller around corners, and stopping every time a stray pebble gets stuck in a wheel. Now, not only can you cut across the park grass with your baby jogger, you can literally push your baby up a mountain - if you have the inclination.

What Are Baby Joggers?

Baby joggers are stronger, more durable versions of regular strollers with larger bicycle-style wheels for extra speed. They are invaluable to parents who are exercise and fitness enthusiasts. Most single baby joggers have three (not four) wheels.

The best baby joggers are made of lightweight metals such as aluminum, making them easy for both Moms and Dads to push. The three wheels make corners easier to negotiate. Their tires grip the road (like car tires), ensuring greater safety at speed.

All jogging strollers should have safe harnesses for securing your baby - keep these fastened while your baby is in the jogger.

Baby Jogger Reviews

You should read some baby jogger reviews (like at before making up your mind which jogger is for you. There are different joggers for different environments and different levels of activity -it's not always a case of one size fits all.

Buy Buy Baby is a baby jogger retailer that provides online jogger reviews and accepts payment via the internet. Remember that sites like this provide information but are also trying to sell you a product.

Before you buy, read some reviews that make a point of listing the pros and cons of any given product. User reviews are also good (you can find these on Amazon). There's nothing as effective as talking to other parents if you want a frank opinion on the benefits of one jogger over another.

Baby Jogger Brands

We'll start you off on your hunt for the best baby jogger with a little bit of information on some of the most popular brands on the market right now.

Baby Jogger City Elite - this jogger has a one-step folding mechanism, three quick release wheels (the front wheel swivels for extra maneuverability), and tires. The manufacturers say it works well on any terrain.

Baby Jogger City Mini - the front wheel on this jogger locks for long-distance strolling. When unlocked, it swivels just like the City Elite jogger. It also has a one-step folding system, making it easy to take in and out of the car or the storage area in your home.

Baby Jogger Q Series - this jogger comes in twin and triplet models as well as single joggers. It has 16 inch, lightweight aluminum wheels (with tires), and folds in one step for easy storage.

Baby Jogger II - this is a serious outdoor baby walker for serious outdoor enthusiasts. It has a very slim line look, a light aluminum frame, and is recommended for walking, running and even hiking. Another jogger in this category is the Summit 360 - this is recommended both for city and for harsher, rural terrain.

Adjustments And Accessories

Many of the joggers on the market, including those mentioned above, can be adjusted to suit the weather and your own needs. The baby seats can be reclined, and you can add detachable hoods to protect your baby from sunshine or wet weather. Transparent plastic covers can be attached to keep your child totally dry but still able to see out in heavy rain.

The Baby Jogger City Select is one of the most adaptable joggers on the market. A total of 16 seating combinations can be made with this jogger, using baby seats, car seats and even bassinets.

Furthermore, most jogger models mentioned above also come as baby jogger doubles. Some even come in triplet versions (like the Q Series). These versions have more wheels than single joggers, but the manufacturers say that double joggers maintain the maneuverability of singles.

Baby Jogger Safety

Don't think that you're going to save money by taking your regular stroller out for a run. Conventional baby strollers' wheels and frames can't take the strain. You're likely to break your stroller, have an accident, or give your baby such a bumpy ride that he gets motion sickness.

Also on the issue of safety - product safety recalls on strollers and joggers have been more common than we'd like in 2010. This year, certain (not all) Baby Jogger City Minis had problems with buckle safety. Also, the well-known stroller manufacturer Graco has had to call in some of its products.

There is a lot of information on baby jogger recalls on the internet. Check the website of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association for the latest updates.

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