Baby Boy - Find The Right Answers For Your Baby Boy's Health And Safety

Whether you're pregnant and you already know it's a boy, or your little boy has already arrived, you'll want to do everything you can to protect and nurture him. What follows below are some of the fun and some of the more serious aspects of caring for a baby boy.

Baby Boy Health

Let's start with the serious stuff - baby safety and wellness. In many respects, baby care for newborns or older babies is the same regardless of whether you have a baby boy or girl - such as feeding for example. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding baby boys and baby girls for at least 6 months, if not for up to a year or more. The nutritional goodness of breast milk is needed by all babies regardless of gender.

Not surprisingly, the differences in care are linked to the differences between baby boys and baby girls - namely, the fact that baby boys have a penis and testicles means that bathing them and diapering them is done a little differently than it is for baby girls.

Baby Boy Diapers

For example, many major diaper producers sell different styles of diaper for boys and girls. Baby boy diapers are designed to keep little boys more comfortable, and to fit snugly so that (hopefully) your baby boy won't develop diaper rash due to friction. They're also shaped so as to prevent leakage and to give your baby freedom of movement.

Baby Boy Bathing

When you bathe your baby boy you have to make sure his genitals are clean and healthy and that no residual diaper cream or other products are able to gather in the folds of his skin - this can cause rash and irritation. If your baby boy is uncircumcised, you might think that you need to clean under his foreskin, this is actually not really necessary for a young baby, and it may even be painful for him. Just gently wash the area with warm water only - don't use any soap.

Changing Tips For Baby Boys

No one's really sure why (although there is a theory that it has to do with your baby boy's genitals coming into contact with the air) but baby boys have a tendency to pee just at the moment you take off their diapers. More often than not, this results in pee all over you or all over the furniture. To prevent this, try placing a clean diaper over your baby boy's penis while you're cleaning him. This should soak up any accidents.

Baby Boys And Developmental Problems

Autism awareness in the media, in school and among parents is growing. You may have concerns because you've heard that boys are more likely than girls to be affected by autism, or that certain baby vaccines are linked to the condition.

While it's always a good idea as a parent to be well informed, there's no point in worrying unnecessarily. If you are concerned about this developmental problem, or if other people in your or your partner's family have been affected, ask your doctor about the symptoms to watch out for and for some recommended reading on autism.

Baby Boy Names

If you're still waiting for the arrival of your baby boy, you're probably thinking about names. Picking out possible names is one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. If you need some inspiration, you can buy books of baby names that give explanations of what the names mean and where they come from.

If you and your partner come from different backgrounds, it's possible to have a first name and a middle name, each chosen to reflect one of your cultures.

Don't worry if you haven't made up your mind about your baby boy's name until the last minute. Many parents say they weren't sure about a name until they actually met their child for the first time - then the choice becomes somehow easier.

Baby Boy Clothes

Dressing your baby boy is another fun part of parenthood. Baby boys can be just as fashionable as baby girls. You'll find loads of affordable baby boy clothes in high street baby stores, and in value-for-money-stores like Walmart. If you prefer to set the trends rather than follow them, why not have your baby boy's clothes designed especially for him at designer baby boutique?

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