Baby Shower Game Fun

Besides careful planning and organization, the fate of your baby shower might depend on what activities you plan for your guests. While the traditional cake-cutting and gift-opening rituals are enjoyable, many baby showers are notorious for being boring or low key. If you want to host an unforgettable baby shower for your friend or family member, why not include some baby shower fun and games?

It's not difficult to invent your own baby shower fun and games, but if you are not especially creative or you simply don't have the time, just go online and do a search for "baby shower games." You will be presented with myriads of websites that are full of ideas for games to play at baby showers, including instructions and sometimes even printable games or props. They also offer scores of ideas for baby shower game prizes, including online forms that you can fill out to order materials.

How to Select Baby Shower Games

When planning baby shower games, keep in mind who your guests are. If they are highly intellectual people, you may want to consider playing Baby Trivia (instructions below). If your guests don't know each other very well, you may what to go with an ice-breaker game such as Human Bingo (instructions below) to get the festivities started - or to "let the games begin"! If your guests are fun and playful, you can simply adapt traditional children's games to an adult population. And if your baby shower guests are competitive, try baby shower races and competitions where participants earn points that lead up to a grand prize.

You can incorporate baby shower fun and games into your menu as well. Ice Cream Sundae contests are always a crowd favorite, no matter what age, and pie-eating contests never go wrong. Try "Bobbing for Baby Nipples" instead of "Bobbing for Apples" for a baby shower game that is guaranteed to generate lots of laughs, or see who can drink a full baby bottle of milk - from a baby bottle, of course - the fastest! Alternatively, you stay clean and dry but get everyone snapping their fingers to the musical beat of "Musical Chairs," or get everyone to write an innovative poem addressed to your baby-to-be! You can even take votes on the funniest, best, worst, and zaniest poems.

Game Instructions

Baby Trivia: Test your guests' knowledge about the gamut of baby facts! Topics can range from baby nutrition, baby health issues, baby products, historical babies and baby name history, baby traditions, and whatever other zany and outlandish facts and trivia you can dig up!

Human Bingo: Prepare enough Bingo cards and writing utensils for all participants. Inside each square of the Bingo card, instead of the traditional Bingo numbers, write in statements such as: I was a premature baby; I was born in April; I weighed more than 4 kilograms (or more than 9 lbs.); I was born before 1970; I was the cutest baby in the world; I was born in another country, et cetera. Make sure you come up with a large number of diverse statements so that no two cards look exactly the same, although there can be a lot of overlap. To play, participants circle the room looking for people who match the descriptions or statements on their Bingo card. When they find that person, he or she must sign or initial the relevant square on the Bingo card. The first person to get a "full card" of signatures should call out "Bingo!" and is the winner.

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