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What could be more entertaining than looking for stimulating and fun toys for babies and toddlers? Of course, these days, most of us are geared towards child development and, as a result, we look for learning toys that will encourage growth. Whether we're in the market for new baby gifts or something for baby's first birthday, the possibilities are endless. We're reminded that babies learn at a remarkable pace, taking in everything around them. The toys on the market today go from the tried and true plush toys and toy balls to the latest Whoozit Tummy toys that promise to make even the baby who hates tummy time happy. This section will expose you to a sampling of what is available in the marketplace in terms of baby toys, from infancy through pre-school. You'll get some great information and ideas for baby gifts, then you can shop, compare prices on like items and have a lot of fun doing it.  By the way, we'll also visit some of the "just for fun" toys, like Slinky - (remember them?) and a great selection of specialty toys as well.

The Oldies and More

Remember the time when baby shower ideas for infants' toys were in the range of rattles and stuffed animals, teething toys and bath toys? Those toys are still popular, but many of them hardly look like they used to look back in the day. With the advent of organic everything, toys that go into a baby's mouth, or anywhere near baby, are under scrutiny like never before. Organic baby toys are made with non-toxic materials and are designed to be safe for baby and the environment. Green toys, although more expensive than mass produced toys, minimize exposure to toxic chemicals - and since everything goes into a baby's mouth when they're on the road to discovery, organic teethers, baby rattles, bath toys, and toy blocks make good sense.

Handmade Toys - Crafted with Love

Handmade baby toys are still coveted as treasured gifts for babies. Most of us can remember having a sock monkey when we were young - they've been around for a long time. Puppets are another kind of handmade toy that grows with a child from infancy through early childhood. Handcrafted baby toys have a very special feel to them. It's more than the knowledge that the toy was made by hand, it's knowing that it is also a labor of love. Wooden toys made with love for little tikes become treasures that are passed down from generation to generation. Of course, when the child gets older, there will be other handmade toys, like kites and even a toy chest to keep all of those wonderful things contained.

Making Shopping Easier on Folks

Many new moms get themselves set up with a baby registry in order to make buying baby shower gifts easier on friends and relatives. It's possible to see what the mother wants to have for her baby, including baby gear, as well as toys. It really does take the guesswork out of shopping, especially with the plethora of infant toys available. Baby gift baskets are another hot item when it comes to gift giving. You can put together a gift basket of music for babies that could include some of the excellent baby music that is produced to either calm or stimulate an infant. Along with the music, drop in a couple of Baby Einstein DVDs. These wonders can be shown to an infant as young as three months of age and product reviews give them an excellent rating. Tuck in a couple of soft toys and you've created an educational baby toy basket that any mother would love to have for her baby. Another well-known supplier of developmental toys is Fisher-Price. Fisher-Price baby toys are sturdy and designed to encourage hand-eye coordination in infants and older babies. They make everything from children's playhouses, complete with furniture, to baby puzzles and bath tub toys. A respected name in children's toys, Fisher-Price has been around for years and remains a primary supplied to the biggest toy stores in the US.

Survival Techniques

Baby swings remain a favorite way to quiet a fussy baby and with the stringent baby safety standards enforced today, there's little chance for harm from faulty construction. Jumpers are another constant in the wonderful world of baby gear. Many mothers use inflatable bouncers to help baby fulfill the need to bounce - although it can create a baby that is hard to hold! While we're on the subject of baby gear, you can purchase toddler car toys that affix to the baby car seat or buy stroller toys that can't be tossed out of the car seat or stroller by a tiny tike. Check out the Bugaboo strollers, they are set up for stroller toys across the front (can't be tossed out).

Toys From the Old World

European toys are taking the North American and Western specialty toy market by storm. Unique baby gifts and children's toys come in the form of Haba toys. Oompa, carriers of Haba, offer an excellent line of wooden toys that are free of batteries and blinking lights. And, they're not cartoon-themed which means that parents who don't want to expose their children to character branded toys can do so with quality toys for infants through pre-school. They also carry eco-friendly educational toys for infants and toddler toys. Another European manufacturer that has become a top selling toy company is Schleich - the figurine people. Their kids toys are geared for the toy boxes of toddlers and they make great pre-school toys for the older kids. Toy animals and action figurines keep little hands and imaginations busy for hours. They are great activity toys, especially if you have a farm setup, or forest animals for the children to play with. Badger Basket Company is yet another company that has served parents and children with beautiful and comfortable products. Everything from toddler beds to activity toys are available from this well-established company. They also make doll furniture and toy boxes. Children's playhouses, from castles to spaceships provide a place to play and can be furnished with toys from Badger Basket.

Check Us Out

Once a baby stops crawling, becomes a toddler and gets his feet under him, ride on toys take center stage, as do rocking toys for babies that are more mobile and have their balance somewhat under control. Age-appropriate toys are important for all children, from infancy through childhood. From play pen toys and soft books through video games for babies old enough to hit buttons with some discretion, baby toys provide educational and pleasurable hours of fun.

Our baby toy section is filled with excellent articles to inform you about the latest in educational toys and to help you sort through the maze of toys and baby gear available. We'll give you some guidelines on comparison shopping and baby bargains along with great ideas for age-appropriate baby toys for 12-18 month old children along with information on educational toddler toys. We'll point you in the direction of baby toys reviews like those found at and the top 10 preschool toys, from toddler car toys to baby dolls and everything in between.




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