Baby Gift Baskets

A Gift of Love

A new baby has arrived and you have a wonderful opportunity to express your heartfelt best wishes to the mom and dad and the rest of the family. You want your gift to be fabulous and to reflect your personal feelings of love. Choosing one single gift to accomplish the feat can be challenging. You want a gift that is rich with variety and something that will be useful in many ways. One of the best baby gift ideas to accomplish this desire is a baby gift basket.

Build A Cake That Lasts and Lasts

There is no limit to the ways you can build a basket for the new arrival. Baby gift basket ideas are abundant and you are limited only by your own creativity (or that of the people who are building the basket for you). A baby gift basket can hold a compilation of unique gifts that are high quality and chosen with care. You can create a unique, trendy and practical gift with just a touch of whimsy to it by giving a baby diaper cake. The Organic Turtle Diaper Cake by Stork Baby Gifts includes 120 size 1 diapers, several organic toys and rattles, an organic blanket, nail clippers, comb and brush set, and some Burt's Bees Baby Bee products. It's put together in such a way as to be great for a centerpiece as well as providing a massive amount of things to get a new mom started. The cost is around $300.00, but if you were to buy it all separately you'd pay that much anyway. Besides, they put it together so it looks like a cake and it's really cute.

Personalized Presents for Baby

Along with diaper cakes, other unique baby gifts that come in the form of baby gift baskets are personalized baby gifts. There is nothing that speaks care as much as to have taken the time to have blankets and other items personalized with the baby's name and even the date of birth. If you're looking for a baby boy gift basket that is personalized, a design that includes a rocking horse, soft blanket (in blue of course) terry velour bib, burp pad and booties, along with a 12 inch personalized plush bear, is a sure win. The baby's name is not only on the bear, but you can put it on the blanket and bib as well as the rocking horse. What a beautiful way to give something very personal and special.

Going Au Natural

With the current awareness of the effects of chemicals and toxins on human beings, organic baby gift baskets are something that speaks of your connection with what's really good for baby, and the environment. Eco-friendly and natural baby products can be purchased in many places these days. Try loading an all natural wicker basket with a half-dozen full size containers of natural baby products, like Burt's Bees, and add 100% organic cotton goodies like a blanket, onesie, bibs, washcloths and a towel. Top it off with an eco-friendly, cuddly bear or puppy, and voila - an organic baby gift basket that's good for mom and babe.

Baby Einstein and Bouncing Toys

Baby Einstein is all the rage, and rightly so. Parents can start their infants on the learning adventure when the baby is as young as three months. But, before that, the lullabies and sweet songs that come in the Baby Einstein packages are worth listening to over and over again. Create a Baby Einstein gift basket by filling a basket with educational books, puppets, bath toys, and the DVDs and CDs that verify why this is an award winning product. Pick an adventure and then support it with any of the Baby Einstein toys and accessories that fit.

An activity baby gift basket is another happy way to celebrate the baby's arrival. A baby bouncer, toy bar with toys that won't fall off, some little sneakers for "powered pumping" and a couple of great little sports outfits make this unique gift really fun.

It's guaranteed, when you create a baby gift basket that's filled with wonderful items, your gift will be long remembered and very much appreciated.

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