Baby Shower Gift

You've received an invitation to a baby shower. Saying yes is the easy part. Finding the perfect gift is a bit more of a challenge. If the mother-to-be is registered with a baby registry, then your shopping task may be lightened considerably. However, if you want to give a unique and very personal gift you may have to spend a little time thinking about it. We will present you with some baby shower gift ideas in this article that may be exactly what you want to give to enhance the life of the mother and new arrival.

Homemade Gifts To Treasure

There are some great homemade baby shower gift ideas that enable you to give a gift that will long remain a treasure for the baby. Making a baby quilt is not only very personal, but it is really a labor of love. A personalized baby blanket, embroidered with the baby's name and date of birth is another wonderful gift. Both of these items will remain treasures in a child's life. You can tuck the blanket and some handmade children's cuddle toys into a basket with a hand knitted sweater, hat, and bootie set, a handmade rattle and some cozy sleepers for a gift basket that will be the delight of the mother-to-be.

Baby shower gift baskets are a great way to give a gift that is thoughtful and useful. A baby shower gift basket especially for the mother-to-be could consist of a soft shawl, some handmade candles and soaps, homemade cookies and some exquisite chocolate. A great parenting magazine and a special cup with a selection of herbal teas complete the basket - a gift she'll enjoy in the days of waiting for baby to arrive.

The Shower - Is There a "Right Way" to Do This?

What kind of a shower will she have? Baby shower ideas abound and the hostess is sure to be able to find something that is agreeable and fun for everyone. Themes are always popular, whether it is based on a color scheme (to match the nursery), seasonal, or gender related - it is possible to find anything you need to create the perfect ambiance for the baby shower by looking online or in magazines.

The shower, in terms of etiquette, should be hosted by someone other than the mother-to-be, and the guest list is compiled in cooperation with the mother-to-be. Since she will be close to delivery, perhaps just a couple of months out - or - she may have just had the baby and is still struggling with being tired, it's best to keep the time of the shower down to a maximum of three hours. If the decision is to keep it with an all-female guest list, that's great. However, these days it is not uncommon at all to have men at a baby shower. The decision, ultimately, will rest with the mother-to-be as to whether she wants men present or not.

Opening the Gifts

Traditionally, baby shower gift etiquette indicates that gift opening happens after the company has eaten. Have a stool for the guest of honor to put her feet up on, she'll probably need it. The hostess hands the gifts to the mom, and then keeps a baby shower gift list of what was received and who gave it (as well as writing the information in the gift card that accompanies the gift). This makes it easier for baby shower cards of thanks to be sent out acknowledging the gifts. Baby shower favors, and thank you cards can also be handed out at the end of the shower as the guests are leaving.

A baby shower affords a mother-to-be the pleasure of being the center of attention and the recipient of wonderful gifts for her baby, and it affords the attendees an opportunity to choose and present a gift that is thoughtfully picked out or created especially for the new baby.

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