Baby Swings

Swingin' Babies

Swings are synonymous with childhood, and, swinging begins for children at a very young age. Many babies experience their first swing when there are only weeks old. Although some babies don't like the sensation of swinging, most do, and often parents who have a fussy baby find an infant swing heaven sent. Freestanding infant swings are just big enough to hold a small baby and most often swing only in one direction - back and forth. That kind of motion works fine for tiny infants, but older babies tend to like a little more variety. Baby cradle swings rock babies in two directions, back and forth and side to side. If you go for the higher priced luxury models, you can find baby cradle swings that move in three directions, the third being up and down. You can buy them with a vibration setting and more elaborate designs.

Baby Swing Reviews To Check Out

There are several baby swing reviews available and it's a good idea to check out the various models before buying. offers a buying guide to help parents in their search for a suitable baby swing., editors and and Pregnancy & Newborn editors test and offer their opinions on some baby swings while other magazines like American Baby Magazine offer the editors' pick without much proof of testing. Many experts encourage parents to investigate when they are about to buy a baby swing. Their reason for this recommendation lies in the fact that several baby swings have been recalled because of various problems and safety issues involving the swing's toys, the frame or the moving parts. You can check which models have been recalled and the reasons for the recall by going to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website:

Graco Baby Swings, Simple and Sturdy

Most parents choose a basic swing rather than one of the super models with all the gadgets and gizmos. Graco baby swings are excellent no-frills swings, and the Graco Lovin' Hug Infant Swing is a well constructed swing with a moderate price tag. This particular model baby swing has a papasan style seat, six swinging speeds, a four-position recline and 10 musical tunes. There is a five-point harness for baby's safety and it can hold a baby up to 30 pounds. Baby Depot carries Graco baby swings as well as baby bouncers - which some babies prefer over a swing.

Toddler and Outdoor Baby Swings

Toddler swings provide hours of fun for little ones. There are indoor models and outdoor baby swings which are made of metal or wood. Outdoor baby swings offer the opportunity to get the baby outside into the fresh air, and being outside provides a whole new world to enjoy and experience. Taking in the sights and sounds of nature and enjoying the playful feeling of swinging, your child's development is expanded. Your baby can enjoy the feeling of wind in his hair and sun on his face from the comfort of a secure seat.

When shopping for a toddler swing or an outdoor baby swing, be sure you do your research and find one that is safe and durable, able to withstand weather conditions. It's best if it reclines in several positions to allow for the possibility of a little snooze, of, if the baby is smaller, to keep the baby in a safe position. It's good to have a tray that can hold toys or snacks and one that slides out of the way is best. When setting the outdoor baby swing up, make sure there's a lot of room around it, especially if you add a swing to the set. You don't want them colliding when children are in them. Make sure the frame is stable and sturdy enough to hold the number of swings you want to put on it and that it will be able to handle the weight of your child or children.

Swings are fun, affordable, and a great way to soothe your baby - or get him outside for some fresh air.

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