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Generally speaking, babies love water. After all, they spent the first nine months of their development in a soothing sac of fluid. Swimming is natural to babies. However, being held in a tub and being washed isn't quite the same thing, and until your baby is old enough to sit up by himself, bathing him in an adult sized tub can be more than challenging; it can be dangerous trying to hold a slippery little creature as he squirms and wiggles.

Infant Bathtubs - Safer than Adult Sized Tubs

It is far easier, safer, and more convenient to bath your baby in an infant bathtub which is designed especially to keep a tiny body safe and make washing fun and easy for you both. A baby bathtub is designed to fit into a kitchen sink, a bathtub, on the counter or table, or even on the floor. Many of the current baby bathtub designs include a fabric or mesh insert that helps to keep baby from moving around too much. There are foam contoured interiors in some tubs that allow a baby that can't sit up yet to recline comfortably. There are baby bathtubs that go the distance from infant to toddler bathtub, or up to 25 pounds, but you will likely find that by the time your baby is around nine or ten months old, able to sit alone, and is crawling, that the baby bathtub is no longer needed.

Checking Out Some of the Reviews

In today's marketplace, you're able to find all sorts of tubs, and baby bath tub reviews indicate that a couple are favorites with mothers of tiny babies. The Primo EuroBath and the First Year's Infant to Toddler Tub are top sellers on Fisher Price, Safety 1st, Leachco, and Dream Baby round out the top choices for baby bathtubs reviewed. Inflatable bathtubs are considered to be dangerous because if there is water in the adult tub, then the inflatable tub can float and tip, spilling the baby into the water. However, inflatable baby bathtubs, like Safety 1st Kirby Inflatable Tub, have gotten excellent reviews for babies who are able to sit up by themselves. They're portable and fit inside a regular tub. This might be the kind of thing that would work well for a family that travels with their little ones, or does a lot of camping. It packs away well and can be inflated to use when needed.  For more baby bath reviews check out

Bath Seats - Are They Safe?

Baby bath seats are designed for use inside a regular tub and are for babies that are able to sit on their own. Overall, they have not been rated well by reviewers because they tend to give parents a false sense of security, thinking their baby is okay in the tub and that the parent can turn her back for a short period of time. The fact of the matter is that babies are never safe unattended in water. Period. A parent should always keep one hand on their baby at all times when the baby is in the tub. It only takes a second for an infant to slip and go under water.

Bath Rings Are Better

On the other hand, baby bath rings are great and you can get them in green-rated for those who are eco-friendly and want non-toxic materials next to their baby's skin. The Papillon baby bath ring is a cushioned ring that ties around the baby's waist. It is for babies who can sit by themselves and have outgrown the baby tub. That usually means the baby is about 25 pounds in weight, and is probably close to eight or nine months. This bath ring is tested and approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, and is shaped in a butterfly style to prevent baby from tipping over in the tub. A baby ring allows baby to play freely and safely.

Another bath ring that has gotten excellent reviews is the Thermobaby Aquababy bath ring which has suction cups on the bottom to make it adhere strongly to the regular bathtub. Baby can sit in it, supporting himself in the tub, and the seat provides maximum support for baby's back. It's large enough to hold a chubby baby, and it has toys on the front of it to keep baby amused while playing in the bath. There is adequate room to wash the baby without having to take him from the bath tub ring.

Bath time should be a fun time for baby and a time when a parent can enjoy it without fear for the baby's safety.

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Thanks for sharing this information about bathtubs and babies. Infants enjoys in bathtub very much. There is difference between infant and adult sized bathtubs design and safety. Now a days people are inclined towards walk in bathtubs as it is great and safe for pregnant ladies.
7 years ago