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We Just Want The Best for Our Kids

Every parent wants to give their child the best opportunities they can. That's why, in the very competitive marketplace of children's toys, more designers and creators of toys are endeavoring to gear them toward providing an educational benefit as well as just plain fun. They know that conscientious parents are searching for ways to enhance their children's intellectual and emotional growth. As a result, educational toys for children are flooding the marketplace and parents have more to choose from than they ever thought possible.

The Best Educational Toy for Your Infant is YOU

Educational toys for infants usually come in the form of mom, dad, grandparents, and siblings. For the first few months of a baby's life, they are stimulated by sounds, colors, and shapes - but mostly by interaction with people who love them. By singing, talking, and playing little games like peek-a-boo, babies learn much about interactive skills. Once they are sitting by themselves, crawling, and moving along, they become interested in other things. The best educational toys for infants are those toys that help them discover their senses. As they become mobile, toys that teach them cause and effect become a part of the toy repertoire. Blocks and big puzzles help to develop hand-eye coordination as well as causal relationship. Bath toys are another way to figure out cause and effect. Bang the toy in the water - get splashed in the face. It's a fun game for babies.

For very young babies, from six months up, the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Home is a toy that is full of fun as it turns everyday experiences into learning opportunities. The baby will be inspired with sing-along songs, activities that reinforce learning of sounds and music. The toy encourages curiosity and exploration while it helps to build self-confidence as baby masters new skills.

Toddlers - A Whole New World

By the time your child is a toddler, interests will have expanded yet again. They will still love the musical toys and things they can sing along with, but educational toys for two-year-olds and educational games for toddlers take on a whole new form. Toddlers are testing boundaries and flexing their muscles. Cognitive and creative learning is at a peak and these little ones need lots of tools to express their creative growth. Along with the creative side, toddlers enjoy climbing, running, and jumping. So, they need toys to meet these needs as well.

One of the top educational toys for toddlers is the LeapStart Learning Table from Leap Frog. This activity table is loaded with fun activities for your toddler. Numerous buttons and gadgets cause different output in either of the two modes - music or learning. A music keyboard teaching colors, and there is a book that teaches the alphabet. This toy is not only great for two-year-olds, but it is also a good educational toy for three-year-olds as well.

This period of time, between ages two and three, toddlers are fascinated with music and they love short songs. They can usually only remember a few words at a time, but if they can put action to the words, they remember them better. The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is a durable cube in bright colors that teaches children how sounds combine to form music. With the push of a button, a child can compose and arrange all kinds of masterpieces. This is one educational toy for children that will last through the toddler stage and onto preschool age.

Preschoolers - A World of Expression and Creativity Expressed

As toddlers hit four, they morph again. Now they are nearing preschool and they are much more dramatic and creative. They have a lot to say and more to do than you could ever imagine. Educational toys for a four-year-old are focused on toys that enable them to play with others. They are no longer focused on their own navel, now they want to interact. If you listen when they talk, they often begin their play with, "Let's pretend..." and off they go from there.

Educational toys for preschoolers progress to more complicated puzzles with more and smaller pieces, construction toys that allow them to build bigger and better edifices, simple musical instruments and dress-up clothes. The imagination of a preschooler is expansive, and they will use anything they have in their hands, recreating it to be what they need at that moment. It's a truly magical, marvelous time. Finger paints, learning to read and building with wooden block sets are just some of the great activities you can provide for your preschooler.

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