Fisher Price Baby Toys

Founded in 1930, Fisher Price has been a household name in North America for 80 years. Fisher Price baby toys, from infant through preschool age groups, are usually the first toys purchased when shopping for a child. Fisher Price is a legend when it comes to quality, innovation and creating educational baby toys, and they're still going strong.

Fisher Price From the Beginning

When a new baby comes into a family, Fisher Price is there with baby gear and Fisher Price newborn toys. For instance, for parents who want a soft, comfortable place for their new baby to nap, or just hang out and observe the goings-on within the family, the Fisher Price Baby Papasan is a top pick. This deep cradle seat is musical and vibrates in a soothing fashion that works wonders on colicky babies, and the fabric is super soft for baby's tender skin. The unit folds flat for storage and its carry handles make it easy to move baby and chair around the house. When you set it down, the no-skid feet keep it where you put it.

Baby Gear, Toys and Clothing - All from FP

The list of Fisher Price baby stuff is huge, meeting needs and demands for all things baby, toddler and preschool. Fisher Price baby clothes are always popular and so cute. From newborn size all the way up, they're reasonably priced and excellent quality. When it comes to baby gear, Fisher Price is a name that is also associated with baby strollers and walkers. As baby is working at getting his legs to cooperate, you can help him along with one of the fun, colorful, and sturdy Fisher Price walkers. The Laugh & Learn Shop and Learn Walker is a great hit for babies from nine months through three years. As baby works at improving his walking skills, when he reaches the basket on this walker, it responds with music, lights, sing-along songs and lots of words and phrases. It has three interactive play modes and the baby will learn numbers, shapes, colors, textures, the ABCs and more. Your baby will love to mimic you and role play being a shopper while improving his hand-eye coordination and using his muscles.

The Best Toys for Your Baby

Although Fisher Price makes strollers, walkers, and baby clothing, they are most known for their wonderful toys. Beginning at birth, Fisher Price newborn toys, like the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium, make entertaining baby easier. This soothing aquarium attaches to the side of a crib and when it is started, the sound effects include ocean waves, falling rain, and babbling brook sounds. The sounds both entertain and soothe baby to sleep.

Fisher Price toddler toys are colorful, easy to handle, and sturdy. Perhaps the most well known and favorite of all Fisher Price toddler toys is Little People toys. They come in a variety of different sets and the sets can be used together to create whole towns and lots of activities for little children to enjoy as their creativity and imagination run wild. The classic Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm is the best for helping baby to learn the names of animals and the sounds they make. Little People sets are appropriate for babies 12 months of age and older.

Classic Fisher Price

One of the most classic of all Fisher Price toys is the Corn Popper. We all remember that toy, and some of us played with it ourselves when we were little. Toddlers love to push this toy along and watch as the little balls inside the clear plastic dome pop with each turn of the wheels. Simple, sturdy, and entertaining, this toy will never go out of style. Remember the shape sorter? This all time favorite continues to be one of the first balls babies will hold in their tiny hands. It is still very affordable and fun, helping baby to develop hand-eye coordination and stimulating the baby with the bright Fisher Price colors.

Just Like Mommy

When your toddler gets a little older, she'll love pretending to cook for her Fisher Price baby doll in her pretend play kitchen. Dora's Talking Kitchen comes with five recipe cars, a 28-piece accessory set, and a wealth of fun possibilities. The blender, picture map, phone and radio are interactive and make noises. After your "little mother" is finished cooking and feeding her doll, she can put the doll into her Fisher Price baby doll stroller and take her for a walk, just like Mommy. Children love to mimic their parents and Fisher Price baby toys make it easier than ever to do that successfully.

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