New Baby Gifts

How About a Shower Gift for Mom?

When we think about baby showers usually our focus is on a gift for the new baby. But, baby shower gifts for mom are a welcome treat for a woman who is waiting the birth of her baby. Usually, by the time the ninth month rolls around, a mother-to-be is feeling a lot less than beautiful and frequently tired. The person who thinks of her and brings a baby shower gift for mom is probably one of the more secretly appreciated people.

Since there are so many new items for babies on the market, the gift ideas for baby showers are extensive. One of the best is the baby gift basket concept. You can build a gift basket around any theme that is suitable or near and dear to your heart. Baby Einstein is a big hit these days, and Sesame Street will likely be around forever. Using a theme and then adding the various components to a basket make a delightful shower gift for a new baby. Adding specialty toys, and there are plenty available in the growing organic toy industry, completes the basket. This can be equally for mom and babe, especially if the mom needs help in acquiring all the things necessary to get started with a new baby.

Everything Hurts - A Massage Would be Perfect

A pregnancy gift for the new mother is thoughtful and welcome. Whether the gift is given at a baby shower or privately, just knowing someone is thinking about her is an uplifting thing for a pregnant woman. Any woman who has been pregnant knows that as the pregnancy progresses it can become increasingly more uncomfortable. Back aches, leg cramps, swelling and indigestion are some of the more common symptoms associated with the latter stages of pregnancy. A gift that offers some relief from the discomfort is a blessing, like a massage with an expert on pregnancy massages. Ah, welcome relief. Be sure to check to ensure the treatment will be safe for a pregnant woman.

A Bountiful Basket for Her Alone

Just as a gift basket makes a great baby gift, it also makes a great pregnancy gift. Pampering baskets fill the need to feel lovely, especially since it's pretty close to the last thing a woman in her final weeks of pregnancy feels. Some bath salts, a cozy robe and slippers, a pretty cup with herbal teas and fancy biscuits from a far-away place and a great book or magazine may be just what she needs. Keep your eye out for some pretty pregnancy clothing, or something she can wear after the baby is born. Perhaps a nursing nightie (if she's planning to nurse) or a stylish and comfy top that can be worn during and after pregnancy would be appropriate.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

There is something about pregnancy that causes a woman to turn inward. Am I ready to be a mother? Will I be a good mother? These are only two of the myriad questions that tumble around inside the mind of a pregnant woman. Thoughts about the baby abound. Who will the baby look like - what color will the hair be? Is everything okay? A beautiful journal with a good pen makes a wonderful gift for a woman who likes to write. One day she will have a lovely story to share with the baby about her thoughts, fears, joys and expectations while waiting for that special child to be born.

Jewelry and Living Gifts

Most women love jewelry, whether they're pregnant or not. New baby jewelry for mom is a delightful way to say congratulations. If you know the month of the baby's birth, then a birthstone ring or necklace is a loving reminder of that special time. A silver or gold bracelet with a motif that denotes the season of the birth is also nice. Some parents have a name chosen for their baby that they are willing to share if they know the baby's gender. Engraving the baby's name on a charm for a bracelet or necklace is a very personal and special gift.

What woman doesn't love to receive flowers? A gorgeous bouquet of flowers for the mother-to-be will delight her and provide beauty to the home. A flowering plant is a living reminder of the "blossoming" before the baby's birth. Another unique gift of flowers for the mom is a flowering bush, like a rose bush or a flowering tree, to be planted in the yard or in a planter on the patio. She'll have a living gift and an ongoing reminder of her pregnancy - the most incredible time of her life.

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