Ride On Toys

A Little Bit of History

Some of the first ride on toys, and the most popular (even to this day) were wagons and pedal-cars. In the early part of the 20th Century, the children's toy market began to expand to include these favorite methods of kiddie vehicles. Bicycles, tricycles, and kiddie cars brought fun and entertainment to toddlers and preschoolers alike. The older kids rode bicycles, the younger ones were pushed or pulled in wagons, rode kiddie cars or kid-sized tricycles. Perhaps the best known ride-on toy ever was the Radio Flyer Wagon - known as "The Little Red Wagon", which made its debut in 1930. Post WW11, middle class people showed the world they were okay buy purchasing ride on toy cars with pedals for kids to drive - called kiddie cars. These cars were designed to look like the real thing, and children played in them for hours, peddling up and down their sidewalks and streets.

Things Haven't Changed - Kids Still Love Ride Ons

Today, kids enjoy the same things as they did nearly a century ago. Pedal-powered kids ride on toys are still the favorite for making toddlers and preschoolers mobile. Kids trikes, low and wide-wheeled, from Little Tike, are favorite ride on toys for the youngest children. The Little Tikes 3-in-1 kids trike begins with mommy power (she pushes, child rides, wheels are locked), and as the toddler becomes more confident, the pedals are unlocked and the handle attached to the back of the trike allows mom or dad to guide the vehicle while the child steers and pedals. The last stage is the removal of the handle and the freedom of movement and power a toddler feels when he finally is in control for himself.

Pedal-Power to Go

Pedal-powered vehicles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, and probably the most popular and well-known of them are the John Deere ride ons for kids. These vehicles are miniatures of the authentic tractors, trailers, cars and farm equipment, they're sturdy and durable, and a delight to little kids. Kids ride-on toy prices for these vehicles vary with the toy itself. Along with the cars and farm equipment, John Deere also makes a line of bicycles, tricycles, scooters and wagons for kids of all ages. The bikes, trikes, scooters and wagons can be purchased for between $50 and $100. They have the great John Deere name behind them, and they're guaranteed.

Battery Operated Kids Ride Ons

Moving beyond the pedal-powered toys, battery powered ride on toys for kids are big selling items. You can find this type of kids ride on in stores that specialize in kids' toys, as well as looking online for places like ridingtoys.com, who focus on kids ride on toys. Battery powered ride on toys for kids are stimulating for them in a variety of ways. They have the opportunity to mimic mom or dad (their favorite pastime) as they drive around. If you pay attention, you may even hear some of your frequently used road language spill out of your toddler's mouth.

Although the idea of a motorized ride on toy for a toddler is a bit scary, there are plenty of safety features that make them safe and appropriate for toddlers. First, since they are targeted to the toddler age group, the top speed of the cars that are powered with 6-volt batteries is 2mph. The vehicles have an automatic stop and start feature that is operated by pushing a button. If the button isn't in, the car doesn't go. There is also a parent assist feature on the vehicles that leaves the parent in control of the speed and steering, which means your child learns to drive through you. Increased self-confidence, independence, and development of the motor skills are all enhanced through use of these toys.

Battery operated kids ride on toys are not cheap. They start at around $150 and can go as high as $500, depending upon the brand, size of the motor, and type of vehicle. The more add-ons (like trailers) the more money you'll spend.

A Ride Down Memory Lane

Kids ride on toy shopping can be a blast for everyone - especially as memories are kindled again just by seeing your toddler climb onto a tractor and take off down the store aisle or grab a wooden toy wagon and pull her doll in it.

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