Soft Books - Eco-Friendly Soft Baby Books

Soft Baby Toys and Books

Soft baby toys are excellent to have for your little ones. They can squeeze them, clutch them, and, if they're organic, they can even put them in their mouths and use them as chew toys to cut teeth. Soft toys are designed to be age-appropriate toys for children, so you can get them at various levels to meet the needs of your child's developmental stages.

Soft baby toys have another dimension to them as well, and that is in the form of cloth books. Babies love books, especially books they can grab and hold onto. Obviously, the best books for that express purpose are soft cloth books for babies. There is a huge range of soft books for babies and toddlers, beginning at newborn and progressing. The stories are definitely not complicated, but the pictures and fabric textures, as well as the patterns on the fabulous fabrics used in some of the books, are a delight to a baby's eyes.

Stimulating, Eco-Friendly, and Organic Soft Baby Books

One such book is Fishy Tails Book from Jellycat. This book is age-recommended for newborns and up and it is full of stimulating things for baby to see, touch, and hear. The tails of sea animals stick out of the book and the rest of the body of the fish is inside the crinkly, splashy pages. You can spot clean this polyester and cellophane book with a damp cloth. It's not what you'd want baby to chew on, so this would be a book you can sit and share with your little one.

An eco-friendly soft baby book made by the Naturally Better line of soft books and toys is the new Peter Rabbit Organic Cloth Book called Snuggle. The entire book is squeezable and made from organic-sourced cotton so it won't irritate baby's tender skin. The plush cover is super soft and the "pages" are smooth cloth in wonderful colors of sage, sky blue and yellow. Its softness and the familiar Beatrix Potter illustrations make it a lasting favorite.

Touch and Feel Books - Teaching Through Touch

Touch and feel books are really popular with toddlers as they provide hands-on teaching activities for little hands and minds. A wide variety of pleasing textures and colors make touch and feel books delightful to share. Dorling Kindersley DK books have several good titles to help toddlers learn. Touch & Feel 1, 2, 3; Touch & Feel A, B, C; Touch & Feel Shapes; and Touch & Feel Baby Animals are new offerings for this line which already has several touch and feel books that are very popular.

That's Not My Bunny is an adorable book by Usborne Children's Books. Usborne touch and feel books are cute stories with bright pictures and patches of different textures that are designed to develop sensory and language awareness. Author Fiona Watt writes a series of these wonderful little books that babies from nine months up will love.

Cloth Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

For toddlers 18 months and older, a fabulous educational fabric book is called Right At Home. This colorful and fun playhouse book unzips to expose eight animals who want to find their homes. It helps children understand where different animals live. The inside cover has little pockets where the animals live, each one with their name on the front to teach word recognition. There are several "pages" and the child will have lots of fun learning about the animals, their names, where they live, and because all of the animals are loose, the book is very tactile, allowing the baby to place the animals in the right homes. Another book made by the same company is My Quiet Book, which stimulates interactive play. There are buttons to button, zippers to zip, and shoe laces to tie. This book is best for toddlers over 18 months. It helps the child to learn about shapes, textures, and colors as well as other fun things.

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