Specialty Toys

On the Lookout for the Best

Parents are always on the lookout for great toys for their kids. Most modern moms and dads want to provide playthings that are not only fun for their children, but are also educational toys. There are stores dedicated to children's toys, providing excellent specialty toys that enhance learning and stimulate children from infancy through school. Parents are also looking for toys that are organic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly because part of the learning process for their children is developing an understanding and respect for the world we live in, particularly the ecology.

Answering the Demand

In response to these specific desires, toy manufacturers and retailers are going out of their way to make sure they have adequate stock of the kinds of specialty toys parents are demanding. Once such outlet for toys is Fat Brain Toys, whose website says, "We don't sell ALL the toys...just THE BEST, SAFEST, AND HIGHEST QUALITY TOYS!" And, when you check out their site, you can see that's absolutely true. Erector sets, Mechano, Lincoln Logs, and Melissa & Doug blocks and other wooden toys, puzzles, games, and building toys are available on this site. These toys are tried and true, established as winners in terms of educational toys and quality baby toys for children and the toys stimulate the brain of a child.

Toys on Purpose, With a Purpose

Educational toys, also known as specialty toys, are specifically designed with a purpose and have a role in the development of a child's mind and physical development. Various life skills are learned through playing with specialty toys, which is why parents want them for their children. Children use toys as tools to grow and develop therefore they must measure up to the task. So then, what makes a good toy?

Questions to Ask When it Comes to Toys

The first question to ask is: Is it safe? No matter what material the toy is made from - wood, metal, plastic, or fabric - it should be durable and finished without sharp edges, long strings or cords, and void of choking hazards. With the awareness of the negative effects of chemicals on children, the toy should be free from dangerous toxins as well. Phalate and BPA free teethers and toys are safer for babies than the plastic type that is filled with some unknown fluid that freezes.

The toys should be age-appropriate, the age of the child matched to the activity presented with the toy. It's a good idea to check the manufacturer's age recommendations to be sure the toy is suitable for the child. When a toy says that it is suitable for ages 3+, it means that the youngest age to be adept with the toy (on average) is 3. This does not exclude older children; it just gives a starting point in terms of age.

Encourage the Imagination

A good specialty toy grabs the child's attention and keeps it. It encourages and invites exploration and open-ended play and is powered by the imagination and ideas of the child. The toy should introduce skills that are age-specific, growing with the child to the next level of development. Specialty toys should add a balance to the toy box, enhancing what is in there with a different type of play. Most of all, the toy must be fun. If it isn't fun, it doesn't matter how educational or special it is, the child won't enjoy it so he or she won't play with it.

Whether the toy is a stroller toy for an infant or building blocks for a toddler, choosing specialty toys that meet the criteria of a good toy is always a winner.

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