Stroller Toys

Where's That Toy?

Mothers of infants will agree that one of the best inventions to date is stroller toys. Gone are the days of wondering where your baby threw the toy he was playing with five minutes ago. Is it on the floor in the store you just left? Maybe it ended up in the parking lot? With any luck, it will be in stroller and he's sitting on it. Now that we have stroller toys that can fit onto a stroller, a car seat or even a high chair, we can be sure the toys will not be tossed overboard.

Shop Away While Baby Plays

Seat toys are a great boon to shoppers and mothers who like to get their babies outside for a walk. They can be used as car seat toys and of course, on the stroller. They attach and detach quickly and easily, and they provide lots of entertainment for baby as he sits in his seat. You can purchase a single toy, like Tiny Love's colorful and friendly looking giraffe that sits on a flower petal base. It fits onto the stroller bar with stretchy Velcro fasteners and is made of very touchable fabric. It makes lots of different sounds to keep baby amused and entertained. Tiny Love also makes a stroller trio of toys that fit neatly on the stroller tray. There is a teething toy, rattle and spinning toy and a bottle holder with an attached plastic rattling toy. The baby can twist, turn, shake and squeeze the toys. The bonus with this baby toy is that the various components can be switched with other Tiny Love stroller toys for some variety.

Some Things to Think About

There are some considerations when buying stroller toys, one of which is the noise factor. Many of these baby toys make beeping sounds, or play cute little songs. These are delightful to a baby, but if you get unnerved by your child making a lot of noise with toys, then you may want to look for stroller toys that are more on the quiet side. They're available, but you have to try them out before you make your purchase. Another thing to think about is the ease with which the toy bar is attached or removed. You don't want one that requires an engineering degree to attach or detach. Depending upon the type of fittings used on the stroller toys, you may be able to use them interchangeably on the car seat and even on the high chair.

When A Stroller Toy Works Well

It's a good idea to leave the toy bar off when you first get into the car or put the baby in the stroller. Babies are stimulated by their environment and will probably enjoy just looking around and checking out what is in the current line of vision. When the baby becomes restless, then the stroller toys can be attached for baby to play with. By using this strategy, you get an extended period of quiet time where the baby is content. You may need to remove the toy bar when it's time for baby to nap, or if he becomes over stimulated. Some toy bars rotate on their fittings, so they can be moved down far enough that baby isn't distracted by the toys, allowing for some rest time. By the way, no matter how many times you read that the toys are washable (and they are), food and stroller toys aren't a great combination. There are enough nooks and crannies to get food lodged forever. It is best to use the food as another distraction rather than combining it with the stroller toys.

Prices Vary - Then So Do the Toys

Stroller toy prices vary with the manufacturer and the number of toys on the bar. You can pay as little as $6.99 or as much as $29.99. The individual stroller toys that clip onto the stroller or car seat tend to be the least expensive, while the bars or toys that strap onto the tray are more money. The most popular stroller toy bar sold by Amazon is the Tiny Love Sunny Stroll Arch which can be moved up or down, depending upon your baby's size. This toy bar can be clipped onto the stroller, car seat or high chair for easy and fun play for the baby. These toys make great gifts by themselves or tucked into a baby gift basket for a shower.

Crib Toys For Baby's Development

Crib toys, like stroller toys, are designed to stimulate and keep baby interested. They can keep baby relaxed and entertained, encouraging visual and cognitive development using sound as well as motion. Tiny Love has a wonderful double-sided book that is perfect for tummy time or just for visual stimulation. One side of the book is suitable for babies from birth to three months, featuring high-contrast black, white and red illustrations, and the flip side is for babies three to six months. The flip side has 3D figures and more complex activities to stimulate and interest baby. A baby safe mirror and peek-a-book activity are also included in the book.

Fisher Price has a delightful crib toy that hooks onto the crib railing. The Ocean Wonders Aquarium uses water effects to captivate the baby. Mama Fish and her babies swim around while their little crab friend plays in the coral and seaweed. There's a blue light that fades in and out, making it look like a real ocean and soothing classical music (there are five songs) plays gently while bubbles float to the "surface".

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