Tikes - What are Appropriate Toys for Tikes?

What's a Tike?

We often refer to small children as tikes (or tykes), implying "little kid - toddler age or a bit older". The word tyke or tike is defined as a few other, less savory things, like a little mongrel dog or a churlish British eccentric, as well as a small child (usually a boy). But, to back up our modern-day, Western culture definition, it is thought that the work TYKE is an acronym for Training Young Kids for Early Success. We kind of like that one. After all is said and done, we'll stick with our original concept of a tike being a small child, either boy or girl. Trendy tikes today are dressed like their older counterparts and play with toys that teach life skills and provide hours of fun.

There is another connection that we often make with tikes and toys, and that is the product name, Little Tikes. Little Tikes toys are a brand of toys designed specifically for little children. These toys are made from durable and safe materials and are quality crafted to provide lots of fun and play. Kitchen sets, garden sets, tool benches and riding lawnmowers are just a few of the great products available through Little Tikes.

What Are Some Tikes Toys?

Tikes toys are a major part of the world's economy, generating billions of dollars worth of business every year. They are popular in culture and media - take, for instance, Barbie, Bratz dolls and board games. Then there's LEGO building blocks. LEGO has been part of our modern tikes toy market for decades and has consistently kept up with new technology, providing young children with hours of building pleasure. Everything from castles to space ships and pirate ships to race cars can be created with this wonderful tikes toy.

You might be thinking that your kids probably have enough toys to open their own store, and that gift-purchases of more "practical" items like shoes, clothing, and things they can use in kindergarten and school would be better. That may well be true, but really, isn't it just more fun when you see the look on your child's face when he opens a gift of a toy? That's why we keep buying toys - it's almost as much fun for us as it is for them.

Buying Toys for Tikes - A Basic How-To

So, when you're buying tikes toys, what do you look for? Probably, first of all, you will consider the price of the item and exactly how long that item will be useable for the child or children. If you have one child with no plans for more, then you know your child will outgrow the toy in a certain period of time. If you have other children coming up behind the eldest, then the toys can be passed down - provided they are quality items that are sturdy and will last. Therefore, when purchasing tikes toys, determine ahead of time how much money you are prepared to pay, then stick to the budget. It's very easy to get off into toyland and forget how much you've spent. This is not where your child's college fund so go.

Determine your child's needs and purchase age-appropriate toys. For instance, Little Tikes Toys have outdoor toys that range from infant swings all the way to a complete playground for pre-schoolers. Start where your child is now and stretch forward as he or she grows. If your child is old enough to let you know their preferences, then involve the child in the decision making process - especially since the child is the one playing with the toy. A little girl might like a garden set while a little boy may want a workbench.

Boys Should Learn to Cook, Too

Little Tikes Toys makes a kitchen set that is amazing. And, it is something that both girls and boys would love to play with. Who says boys don't like to cook? There's nothing like initiating them into the fine art of cooking to ensure that your little boy will grow up able to prepare meals for himself that are good to eat (and for his future wife, too). Before purchasing any tikes toys, check the stickers to find out what the recommended age and skill level is for the child using them. It is very important that your child is using a toy that is age-appropriate and that the toy is made of durable, safe materials. Fun, educational, and durable toys will enhance your child's play time and help to develop life skills through replicating things that you do as an adult from day to day.


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