Toddler Toys

Toddler Development Through Toys

It can be a real challenge to find baby toys and toddler toys that little ones truly enjoy. It seems the real secret to success is finding toys that fit their developmental stage, and that's not always an easy thing to do. However, with the plethora of unique toddler toys that are arriving on the scene every day, the job is getting easier.

Educational toddler toys are not only geared to development, but they're really a lot of fun for your little person. Creative learning toys help a toddler explore his own potential, creativity, and imagination as he absorbs information through the various stimulants provided in the toys. Toddler toys also provide a venue for parents to be involved in their child's play, which means the child's emotional development is greatly enhanced through the bonding that happens with playing together.

Top Toddler Toys

Some of the top toddler toys are toys that include music. Music is, and has always been, a superb method of teaching and developing all kinds of skills in children. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes provides wonderful versions of classic children's music that a toddler can carry along with him. The Baby Einstein toys have been award winning toddler toys for several years as they have a variety of methodologies to stimulate a toddler. There are great visuals for the computer, books to be handled and read, and music to learn words, and sing and dance along. The combination of seeing, touching and hearing open all of the senses and allow for greater learning and fun.

Popular toddler toys that have been around for years include such fun toys as My First Kitchen, which provides a stove, washing machine, toaster, pots that rattle and a stove that lights up when eggs are fried. Plush toys, and wooden toys continue to be favorites with most children. Dress-up toys that a toddler can put clothes on and take them off, provides a way to encourage the development of motor skills. Toy blocks are often introduced very early on, and are proven to be excellent toddlers and even preschool toys, helping to develop hand-eye skills.

Outdoor Fun for Little Ones

Little Tikes, a well-known toy manufacturer, has a variety of great outdoor toddler toys that provide hours of fun for little ones. The materials are durable and safe and the craftsmanship is award winning standard. Pretend play in sturdy castles, on swing sets and in playhouses keep little ones busy for a long time as they live out their imagination and build strong bodies through physical activity. Picnic tables and chairs, sandboxes and sprinkler toys are all tried and true items that have stood the test of time when it comes to outdoor play.

Toddlers Love Movement

Of course, we all know toddlers love riding toys, especially since they love to explore and use their mobility to the fullest. One of the really fun ride-on toddler toys is The Elmo Ride-On Toy, which was the top toddler toy in 2008. Ride-on toys are not only fun for toddlers, they help them in terms of improving their balance, sense of independence and imagination. Ride-on toys go beyond the toddler stage, since many preschoolers love them as well. They can really get a head of steam going at times as they use their ride-on toys as motorcycles and race cars, tearing through the house or out on the patio. They're great exercise for little kids, helping to develop strong legs along with balance and control.

Whether the toy choice is one of the new, award-winning toddler toys or a tried and true popular toddler toy that has been around for ages, little children love and need toys that bring joy, stimulate them, and keep them entertained. That can be a big bill to fill, but it can be done. Have fun shopping for them.

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