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Protect Yourself - Get a Toy Chest

It's the middle of the night, you're thirsty and you know if you turn on a light you'll wake your toddler, and probably the baby, too. So, you venture off to the kitchen - you know the way - when your ankle turns to the outside and you have to clap your hand over your mouth to keep from yelling. You missed one. Yes, when you were picking up the toys that were scattered all over the living room, you missed one - and wouldn't you know it - you just found it.

What's the answer to the midnight disasters that often befall us when we have little kids with lots of toys? Proper toy storage or, in simple terms, a toy chest. The great thing about a well made toy chest is that it can be a part of your family for many years to come. It can serve as a toy chest early on and then go on to other things, like a blanket chest, or storage for china, pictures, or anything else you'd like to put in there. But, right now it will be your little one's toy chest.

Choosing A Toy Chest

When choosing a toy chest, if the idea is to have it around for ever and ever, then you will probably want to have one made of wood. There are so many gorgeous and wonderful wooden toy chests to choose from, it can be a difficult decision. If the toy chest is to serve the purpose of containing toys and other children's items, then it is possible to get a very sturdy, quality toy chest made of solid material, like molded plastic. Actually, toy chests are a form of educational toys - they help teach your child responsibility and organizational skills.

If the toy storage is to go into your child's room, you will have to consider the size of the chest. For instance, Little Tikes makes an oversized toy chest in a contemporary design. It is built from sturdy, durable plastic and the lid detaches for safety. It fits well in any child's room or play room, but it's big. Another super sized organizer is the Tot Tutors Toy Organizer with Bins. This great organizer holds tons of kids toys in easy-access bins that are removable, so the kids can carry the bins anywhere in the house while the unit remains in one place.

Little Boys and Little Girls - Favorite Things

Little boys instinctively know what to do with tools, and they can have the feeling of a real race car pit tool chest in their bedroom with a Tool Chest Toy Box for Boys. This unit is made of resin, has genuine branded racing decals and pretend "wheels" on the bottom. The doors open to expose two huge shelves and it's the perfect place for your little guy to put his cars and play tools.

If you have a little princess in your house, Kidkraft's Limited Edition toy chest is a great choice. It not only stores toys, but doubles as a bench. It's made of natural wood and it is a lovely piece of furniture that will complement any little girl's room. Of course, there are many wonderful wooden toys boxes that are painted in a girl's favorite colors, all of them made to hold dolls, books, and treasures.

There's Nothing Like Wood

When all is said and done, there's really nothing quite like a wooden toy chest. It stands the test of time and, when it is well made, it will serve for generations. We're all familiar with the Amish cedar chests and the gorgeous wooden furniture they make. It's possible to get obtain cedar chest plans that are the same style as the Amish make. If you want to build a special toy chest for that really special little boy, then wooden treasure chest plans are also available.

Making your own wooden toy chest is not only a labor of love, but it carries so much meaning. It will be something that is treasured throughout your child's growing up years and beyond. Woodworking plans are available to create the toy chest of your dreams. Check with the local lumber stores or craft stores, or check online, to find the woodworking plans for the toy chest that most fits your ideals.

Then, go ahead and build that special piece for the ones you love.

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