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In this electronic age, it's pretty difficult to keep your kids away from the computer and video screens. It starts very early on, with tiny babies reaching for the remote control, the telephone and - of course - the mouse next to the computer.

Things Change Over Time

Several years ago doctors began recommending that children under the age of two be kept away from monitors and screens because it is harmful to them. Recent research has concluded that television, computer games and video games are not necessarily harmful, but it is unlikely that a child under two will actually learn to talk sooner through that exposure (which was the point of the argument in the first place). The concern was that television was replacing physical parenting and that televisions were becoming babysitters for parents who wanted to do things other than care for their children.

Toddlers Love Movement and Buttons

Infants and toddlers are mesmerized by color, shapes, and movement. Consequently the niche for baby computer games has developed and grown. Video games for babies are available from any number of sites on the internet. You can easily access baby online games and even baby arcade games to keep your baby entertained for a while. Of course, this is not something you will want to plunk your child in front of and then walk away. The main idea, especially with very little children, is that the parent is there with the child, playing the game together.

Many online sites offer free computer games that are designed to stimulate and educate babies and toddlers. Fisher Price offers a large selection of baby video games online at its website. These games are designed for infants and toddlers as well as preschoolers. The games are designated for the different age groups which makes finding a suitable game easier. Colors, animals, letters, numbers and music are all available in game form for your little person.

Enhancing Artistic Skills

Toddlers love to do things with their hands, and if you can keep them still long enough to watch, they can create their own art masterpiece without messy paints. The Paint Like Jackson Pollack game allows a budding artist to create by simply moving the mouse around the screen. It's fun, easy, and clean. Games from favorite PBS children's programs as Sesame Street, Super Why, and Sid the Science Kid, are games that are available on the PBS website. Parents can also check out the links to find additional resources and activities to encourage learning in their children.

Video games for baby are recommended for older toddlers more than for infants. The recommendation is that they spend no more than 15 minutes per day in front of a computer when they are toddlers. It is important to remember that babies thrive more from their contact with other people and with interactions with other children. They learn the important life skills necessary to get along in their world by relating to real people. A computer is no substitute for mom or dad. The toy chest with tangible toys still remains a good source of education, fun, and entertainment for babies and toddlers.

Adults Really Love Video Games

Video games are used in many ways, not only as a means of education and entertainment for babies and young children. New parents can have a lot of fun learning about what lies ahead in their lives as parents by playing some of the parenting video games. A lot can be learned through them - and a lot of fun accompanies the lessons learned.

One game that many women play while they are pregnant is the baby names video game. There are a lot of them available on the internet and they provide entertainment and fodder for the imagination when it comes to selecting names for babies. Another aspect of baby names and video games is the fact that some parents are naming their children after video games! Anything can be a source of inspiration.

For those who have not had a baby and love to play video games, Second Life is a pregnancy video game where a woman can conceive, have a virtual pregnancy, and give birth to a baby - all in just a few days. It certainly takes less time than having a baby does in real life - but there's nothing to compare with the real thing!

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