Baby Care

As parents, you want the best for your child, but caring for your new baby is not always easy. From soothing your newborn to common health concerns, here's where you can get information on a wide range of baby care topics.

For new and expecting parents, providing your baby with the ideal environment in his or her new home is an important part of welcoming your child into the world. Get advice on your baby's nursery which will allow you to customize your baby's new home and provide a perfect and safe setting for your newborn.

Baby care doesn't end there. As a child grows, parents are forever faced with new issues and concerns. Check out our older baby care section for parenting tips during the later months following the birth of your baby.

Considering another pregnancy? Pregnant again? As your family grows, you may be faced with some unexpected concerns. From preparing siblings for the birth of a baby to knowing what to expect, be informed and get some answers in our Pregnant Again section.

Whether you're a new parent or a baby veteran, knowing the health benefits of proper baby and child nutrition is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy start for your children. Good eating habits can be formed as soon as your child begins to eat solids, but knowing just when that time has come may not be so clear. Check out for information on your child's diet.

Your child's first meal is one of many milestones on the journey through baby development. Learn more about developmental steps such as potty training and toddler development so that you can help support your child throughout these various stages.

When it comes to baby care, parents of twins and multiples are faced with their own set of challenges. There are, however, some common ways for parents to deal with these concerns. From newborn parenting tips to raising individuals, here's what you need to know if you are a parent of twins and multiples.



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Hello everyone this is my first time on here. I have been off pill for about 5-6 months me and my partner is trying to have a baby it’s probley too early but here goes nothing . My last period was on 24/9/17 and it was for 4-5days then we had sex when I ovulated and on 16/10/17 I had pinkish brownish discharge thought nothing off it noted it down then week after no period and I’m only a week late but negative test..... So someone please help it’s all confusing
7 years ago
Hi I've been having all the early pregnant symptoms, like having to pee more often, sore and tender boobs. The weirdest thing happened today I drank a whole cup of milk and my boobs started to tingle and feel weird, my back also has been sore lately mostly my lower back, but there's one default, I just got my period yesterday, so it seems to be my period. It smells like my period and it's thick like it should be, but I'm confused how I got all the pregnancy symptoms but then I got my period.
7 years ago
hello everyone
7 years ago
Hi, Everybody Am 23yrs trying to get pregnant but have gat signs that are confusing me wheather i have concieved or not, like getting white discharge on my pantie everyday its nw two days i see that and wheen i squeeze ma right hand breast i see water out of it. 26days ma cycle am a week to complete my cycle(to ma period day) please any help??Am trully desperate of ababy. tnx
8 years ago
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12 years ago