Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas for Boys

Just as with parents planning a nursery for a baby girl, parents-to-be of baby boys will often take their baby’s sex into consideration when choosing baby nursery décor. If you’re having a baby boy and are excited about decorating your baby nursery, our guide on baby nursery decorating ideas for boys has all you need. From decorating tips to ideas about baby nursery bedding and baby nursery themes, you’re sure to create a unique baby nursery for your baby boy with our easy-to-follow ideas.

Baby Nursery Themes for Boys

Here are some fun nursery theme ideas for baby boys:

  • bug’s life: bring the outdoors inside with this baby nursery theme. Search for borders with bees, frogs and reptiles; critters can also be incorporated into the décor through baby nursery bedding as well as curtains, lamps and bedding.
  • rain forest: create this baby nursery theme by choosing items such as a jungle rug and themed accessories, such as lamps and light switches. You can look for a jungle-themed border or create one of your own using rubber stamps or shaped sponges of butterflies and birds dipped into fresh paint for wall and ceiling decorations.
  • safari: blue, tan and ivory colors help create a safari look. Look for leopard print fabrics for rugs and bedding. You can also mount a butterfly net on the wall, but be sure it is secure and that it is not located close to baby’s crib to ensure baby nursery safety.
  • playtown: decorating a playtown baby boy nursery is easy with a border or mural of storefronts such as “Puppet Theater” and “Jolly Bike Shop”. You could also name storefronts after your baby, as well as other siblings and relatives. Include fun touches such as streetlights and train designs.
  • outer space: create this fun nursery theme with an outer space border; stars can be painted onto the ceiling; ceiling decorations can also include reflective planets. Complete this look with a star-studded rocking chair complete with fluffy star pillows.
  • cowboy: a rope border for your nursery’s wall, as well as wall hanging, such as horse or cowboy hats, help to create this Western baby nursery theme. An antique rocking horse also adds a unique touch to this nursery décor.

Remember that whatever baby nursery theme you choose for your newborn, baby safety should always be your top priority. Providing baby with a nursery that’s safe and fun will make baby happy, and give you peace of mind.

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