Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Shower Host

Giving your baby shower host a thank you gift is a great way to thank her for throwing you a baby shower and for putting in all the time, effort and expenses into planning your baby shower. A personalized host thank you gift takes into account the host’s interest and tastes. Our baby shower host thank you gift guide gives you great ideas on how to say thank you!

Baby Shower Host Gift Ideas

Here are some creative gift ideas for your baby shower host:

  • gift certificate. Purchasing a gift certificate is a great way to thank your host for throwing you a unique baby shower. Getting her something personalized shows your appreciation and will ensure the gift certificate is something that she will use. For example, you can give her a gift certificate for her favorite spa, restaurant or clothing store.
  • gift basket. A gift basket makes a lovely thank you gift. Baskets can be full of gourmet foods, her favorite chocolates or cookies, or wine. A gift basket can either be purchased or you can put it together yourself using items from a craft store.
  • jewelry. Every woman loves jewelry! Buying your baby shower host a lovely bracelet or locket is the perfect way to say thank you for planning your baby shower.
  • handmade gift. Handmade gifts are a unique host thank you gift. One handmade host gift that shows how much you care is to frame a picture of you and the host. You can decorate the frame with beads, glitter and decorative pieces of metal found at a jewelry or craft store to show her just how much she means to you.
  • home gift. If your host likes home décor gifts, why not buy her beautiful candles for her mantel or a vase for her dining room table?
  • recipe book. A recipe book is a great host thank you gift if she loves to cook. Perhaps your host even prepared yummy baby shower treats for your shower! If she has a favorite area of expertise, such as baking or provençal cooking, such a recipe book will help her foster her passion.
  • pampering gift. An at-home private spa treatment gift is another unique host thank you gift. Bath salts, aromatherapy candles and bubble baths are all great ways to unwind, which is especially perfect if your baby shower host is a mom or mom-to-be herself!

Only you know your friend, sister, aunt or mom best; pick a gift that is reflective of what she loves and she’ll be sure to appreciate it. Baby shower host thank you gifts can be simple or elaborate, but the average amount of money spent on a gift is $20 to $40; however, you can spend more than this if you’d like. Just remember that, with a baby on the way, it’s okay to be budget conscious. After all, it’s the thought that counts!


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anyone have any good ideas of a baby shower host gift? my sister has really gone above and beyond to throw me a baby shower and i really want to get her something nice for all the effort. i always thought baby showers were corny but she threw such a nice party. i had such a good time. all my friends were there and i got so many things i need ed for the baby which saved me a fortune. the food was fantastic and the decorations were really cute. thanks sis!!
13 years ago