Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Ensure that your shower is memorable with some great suggestions on thoughtful shower gifts for mom and baby.

When your guests leave, make sure they take away some great memories and unique baby shower favors. Some baby-themed skin care products are just one of many treats you can give your guests.

Great Baby Shower Gifts

Finding the perfect gift to bring to a baby shower can sometimes be a challenge.  Should you be cute or practical?  Check out our article on great gift ideas for baby showers and get the inspiration you need before setting out to shop.  Also explore our ideas for unusual baby shower gifts and creative baby shower gifts. 

The new trend today is healthy gifts: gifts that keep germs and bacteria away from the new baby.  Find out more.

Also take a look at our article on registry pros and cons to see if this form of gift choosing is right for you.  And also get some great advice for the best baby products and baby shower gifts you can buy.

And don't forget to give something special to the shower host - it's a great way to show her how much you appreciate her time and effort.

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