Baby Showers for Single Moms, Adopted and Second Children

Baby showers are no longer limited to celebrating the birth of the first child; after all, you love all your children equally regardless of your lifestyle. Whatever form your family may take, a baby shower is an excellent way to celebrate this joyous time in your life and welcome the arrival of your baby into your home. We've gathered some tips to help all expectant mothers who are planning a baby shower whether an adoption, single mom, or second baby shower is what you’re looking for.


Adoption Baby Showers

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the arrival of a baby – and in the case of adoption baby showers, these can be thrown even if the child is a little older. In fact, the number one rule when it comes to planning a baby shower for adoptive parents is to make sure that the timing is right. The adoption process may be a long and unpredictable one, so it may be a good idea to wait until the baby has arrived before throwing a baby shower to welcome adopted children. You may even want to consider waiting until the parents have had ample time to bond with their child.

It is always a good idea to let guests know that the baby shower is celebrating the adoption of a baby so as to prevent any unnecessary explanations at the baby shower. A great way to do this – because adoption really is a cause for celebration! – is by choosing baby shower invitations that make this clear. There are many adoption baby shower invitation options to choose from.

Lastly, adoption baby showers make for great themes and unique baby shower gifts. If parents have opted for an international adoption, a baby shower theme based on the baby's home country is great way to celebrate. Consider serving traditional foods and incorporating decorating ideas based on this theme. If a domestic adoption is in place, consider a theme based on the baby’s birth state or town; for instance, if the birthplace of the child is known for a certain quality, base themes and baby shower gifts around this idea.


Single Moms Baby Showers

If you are planning a baby shower for a single mom, theme selections are practically endless! So choosing a baby shower theme based on the expectant mom's personality type is probably your best bet.

However, planning a baby shower for a single mom may require some special considerations – especially when it comes to baby shower gifts. Consider more personalized baby gifts if mom needs some extra help, whether it is financially or just some added support from a good friend.

You may want to think of baby shower gifts that will give a single mom an extra break – whether it is offering to babysit or help with chores, think of ways you can offer your time or energy, or choose a gift that will ease the workload for mom. A spa day or even a specific treatments, such as lithium spa hottub treatment, gift certificate may be enjoyed in the long run. A camera or photo album is always a great idea for any baby shower. Offer to take pictures of mom and baby together, since a single mom may have plenty of time to take photos of baby, but pictures of the two together may not come as easily.


Baby Showers After the First Born

Traditionally, baby showers have offered an opportunity for new parents to gain support from family and friends. Of course, baby shower gifts work to this end as guests may bring large gifts such as cribs and baby strollers. So what if you already have these baby supplies?

Baby showers for the second and third born can still be viewed as celebrations in anticipation of the arrival of another child. However, in terms of gift-giving, it may be more appropriate to tell guests not to bring large gifts, and instead ask for the essentials: diapers, baby formula, bottles or new clothes and toys for example. Consider baby shower gifts that could not be used as hand-me-downs from the older sibling.

You may want to offer your time to help the parents, or give them a gift certificate for a night out together – couples need to some quality time, and a dinner gift certificate or a dance class can be the perfect baby shower gift. Whatever you decide, take the parents’ needs into consideration and you can come up with a truly thoughtful gift. If a gift registry is in place, choose a gift that says something about your personality or your relationship with mom. She'll appreciate it and think of you any time she uses it.


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