Your Baby's Development: Week 27

Week 27
Your baby continues to grow now that you are 27 weeks pregnant. There is more brain activity and the lungs continue to develop. Now that baby's eye lids are open, the retinas will begin to form. In fact, now your baby's looks are complete; she will look just like this at birth, but will be bigger and not as thin.

Baby Can Recognize Mom's Voice
Baby's lungs, liver and immune system still need to mature fully. At this stage in your pregnancy, if your baby were to be born now, she would have an 85% chance of survival. This week, your baby's hearing continues to develop and she may begin to recognize your voice as well as your partner's voice. These sounds, however, may be muffled since the baby's ears are still covered with vernix, that thick waxy coating protecting the skin from getting chapped by the amniotic fluid.

Nearing the End of This Trimester!
Congratulations! You are now close to the end of the second trimester of your pregnancy! Now that your uterus has moved under your ribcage, you could be finding it difficult to breathe. Get ready for strange food cravings. Pickles and ice cream, anyone?

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