Your Baby's Development: Week 30

Week 30
Your baby weighs close to three pounds (1319 grams) now and measures about 15.7 inches (39.9cm). In these last weeks of your pregnancy, your baby continues to gain weight as well as layers of fat. This fat will make your baby look less wrinkly and will also help to keep baby warm after he is born. His eyelids can blink fully and bone marrow is now responsible for producing red blood cells.

To prepare for breathing after birth, your baby will mimic respiratory actions by moving the diaphragm over and over again rhythmically. But if amniotic fluid is accidentally inhaled, your baby could end up with a bad case of the hiccups! You'll feel these but need not worry about it.

Any Body Complaints?
Let's talk about your pregnant body and its complaints. You may find it hard to sleep comfortably. Many women find it helpful to use pillows under their legs and tummy. Just make sure that you sleep on your left side.

Constipation is yet another very common discomfort. Those same pregnancy hormones that maintain your pregnancy can also slow down your digestive process. The answer? Try to exercise regularly and eat foods that are high in fiber. These include vegetables, whole grains and beans.

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