Baby Names

Naming a baby can be easy. It can also be agonizing - especially when you and your partner cannot agree. Some people choose their baby's names before the birth while others wait to meet the baby and then discover that a certain name just 'fits.' Baby naming can be more complicated if coupled by baby naming traditions. Some European nations, for instance, observe baby naming customs which usually involve a small gathering of family and friends. The main purpose of the event, the naming of the baby, is celebrated with a hearty meal and a shower of new baby flowers.  This custom is then followed with a story telling session describing how the parents came up with this particular name. So you see, baby naming is much more complex than simply bestowing a combination of letters and syllables.

Choosing The Right Baby Name

One of the top questions expectant parents hear all the time is "Do you have a name picked out?" Our article entitled Choose a Baby Name will help you decide what name is right for your little one.  Get advice on how to pick out the perfect name for your child.

Everyone always has suggestions about what p

arents should name their baby. Often, those suggestions may be based on recommended baby names. But some of those names might just be too strange for you. The best tool is a great list of names. Write down your favorites and have your partner do the same. Then go through each list and narrow them down to a select few.  You may also want to consider looking through the family tree to come up with some great baby names that will also honor your family history.

For some help on finding the perfect name, Most Popular Baby Names has a thorough list for both boys and girls. Maybe you're looking for something more original? Our Baby Names Meanings section will provide you with an extensive list of girls' and boys' names plus their origin and meaning.  Choose a name with a purpose and that will say something about you and your baby.

Maybe you've already thought of a great baby name. If so, tell us your baby boy or baby girl names!

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Do you have any idea? I don't know what I am having, If it is a girl , what is the best name for her?
6 years ago
Darryltez or Darryl'Tez is a really handsome name.
10 years ago
My husband and I have always known that we want to name our first girl Aurora Marie, we were never able to figure out a name for a boy (we both want girls) but just the other day I figured it out, I think the little one tole me (he's gonna be a boy, I just know it. lol) that he's gonna be named Andrew Samuel (Drew for short)
12 years ago
I really love coralynn or jazzlynn but my bf dosent like either so i am going with Ava or Kaysen
12 years ago
I have the two perfect names picked out for my kids well I think they are perfect. They fit my family so well. Those two names are Star Lynn for the girl and Gyles James for the boy. I think they are so cute so does my boy friend. But I want four kids and I only have two picked out does any one have any other suggestions for me?
12 years ago