Is Pregnancy Better the Second Time Around?

Well, that depends on a lot of different things. For instance, if your first pregnancy was relatively easy, and your labor and delivery were fairly straightforward, then you are probably feeling quite relaxed about the second baby. If, however, you had complications or things didn't go very smoothly, you may be feeling anxious and concerned this time.

The Inner Battle

Each pregnancy is different and each can present its own challenges. With a young child already on the scene, things can be more intense, especially since you will likely feel even more tired this time than last time. Not having the time to take for yourself can leave you more exhausted and the fact that you probably don't feel you're giving your little one the attention he needs just adds to the stress.

Because you're already so busy with the little one you already have, you will likely find this pregnancy goes by very quickly and the birth will be upon you before you know it - and you may not feel that you're emotionally ready for the next chapter in your life.

Stay Active And Include Your Toddler

Even though each pregnancy is different, unique and special, some things do remain the same. You still need to look after yourself. Exercise is one of the best ways to ensure you have energy. It's the law of return, which is essentially the principal that if you want more of something, give it out and it comes back. Such is the case with energy. Take your child for a walk every day or do some exercises to a "Mommy and Me" type of DVD designed for pregnancy. You'll both have fun and you'll be doing something healthy for your bodies.

Take Care of You

Eating regularly seems to be one of those things that ends up going by the boards when you have little children. It is especially important that you eat regularly during your pregnancy. To help yourself out, buy foods that are easy to prepare but are healthy and good for you and your family. Whole grain pastas, fruits and vegetables along with yogurt and cheeses are all good choices. Remember, your energy level is affected by your diet and the frequency with which you eat.

Spend Less Time Cleaning and More Time Meditating

Rather than doing a housecleaning marathon, let the things go which are not mandatory for now. Clean the cupboards out and wash the walls some other time. Rest when you need to rest. And, do just one special thing which focuses your attention on the baby you are carrying. Deep breathing, meditation, relaxing and thinking about the miracle growing inside of you brings calm to you and a loving connection with the new baby.

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