Post Baby Body Changes

A woman’s body goes through many different changes not only through pregnancy but after birth too. Trying to regain your old body back can often be a challenge and although there is no rush for women to lose weight right after giving birth, it may be a good idea to be aware of the options out there to help the process along. When exercise and diet don’t have the desired effect, liposuction and tummy tucks may be an alternative option as they are designed to help target the most problematic areas that never seem to reach our desired expectations.

Although exercise is the most obvious choice to help lose weight it is not always effective. According to the NHS, women should avoid exercise until after the 6 week check up by the midwife which is dependent on the type of birth. Recovery after a caesarean birth may take longer than natural birth so it is important to seek the advice of your midwife or GP before undergoing any harsh exercises.

Gradual, Gentle Exercise

Gradual exercise is the best way to get back into the swing of things after giving birth. Make sure to start nice and slowly so that you can build yourself up. If you feel fit enough then proceed but if you feel weak or unable to continue then take a break and try again when you feel better. Don’t push yourself too far, take it easy and remember that you are in no rush.

Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

Make sure that alongside gentle exercising, you maintain a well-balanced diet. Consume the right amount of veg, protein, iron, fibre rich foods and extra calories in order to balance out breast feeding. For women who find that exercise and diet don’t quite cut it, there are other more effective options available such as liposuction and tummy tucks.

If Diet And Exercise Don't Work...

A tummy tuck comes in two forms, a mini tummy tuck and a full tummy tuck. A mini tummy tuck involves removing excess fat and loose skin through an incision that is made across the lower abdomen whilst a full tummy tuck is more complex. Two incisions are made, one across the lower abdomen and another around the tummy button. Muscles are pulled tighter and excess fat and skin is removed, after which a new tummy button is created. Tummy tucks can help people regain their confidence as it triggers problematic areas and is very effective.

Liposuction is great for those who want to remove fat from different parts of their bodies and it is not limited to just the tummy area. The procedure uses ultrasound energy to loosen fat cells and remove them via aspiration. According to MYA, a liposuction procedure can remove up to 4 litres of fat from several areas in just two short hours.

Every woman is unique and whilst exercise and diet may work for some, it may not be effective for others. It is completely down to personal preference and it is up to the individual as to whether or not she opts for surgery to help her to lose weight. Keep in mind that women should only have a tummy tuck if they are finished with having children because the procedure can complicate childbirth.

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