Whether you're unable to breastfeed or are supplementing with infant formula, many formulas imitate some of the countless benefits of breast milk in order to optimize your baby's growth and development. For example, formulas with DHA and ARA help your baby's brain and eye development. 

There are many other reasons that women choose to bottle feed their baby:

Father Involvement. Bottle-feeding allows the feeding responsibilities to be shared by the mother and father.

More Freedom. Unlike breastfeeding, bottle-feeding doesn’t tie the mother down to her baby. Working, traveling and even sleeping are more easily done.

Sex Life. Some women who breastfeed complain that it interferes with their sex life. The lactation hormones that are stimulated by breastfeeding keep the vagina relatively dry. Some couples complain that leaky breasts can be a turnoff during lovemaking.

Diet. Since breastfeeding moms have to monitor their diet, those who bottle-feed have more freedom with respect to the types of foods they can have.

Embarrassment. Some women are very nervous about breastfeeding in public.


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