Breast Lift After Pregnancy

After a pregnancy, you may find your breasts aren't quite the same as they were before. Sure, they're bigger at first since they are full of milk, but what about after that? Some women find that their breasts aren't as full or perky as they once were, especially after multiple pregnancies (and multiple stints breastfeeding). So, should you try exercise or breast lift surgery to restore your breasts to their full glory?

Getting Them Back Up

There are some exercises women can do to make their breasts a bit firmer again. Any type of exercise that works the pectoral muscles will help. Bench presses, push-ups, dips, and the pectoral fly machine are just a few of the exercises that can help put your breasts back up where you want them.

But exercise can only do so much. Some women find that exercise just doesn't help their sagging breasts. Others feel that it takes too long to get the results they want. Sometimes, surgery might be the answer.

Lift Them Up

For women who have excessive sagging, breast lift surgery may be a viable solution. This type of cosmetic surgery looks to remove extra skin and some of the underlying tissue in the breast in order to elevate and reshape the breast. The tissue that is left is repositioned along with the nipple so that breasts are higher and firmer.

Some women also choose to have a breast augmentation (when breast implants

are inserted) with this surgery. (If you breastfeed, this surgery should be done only after you decide to stop having children; breast augmentation can affect your ability to breastfeed and cause breast milk complications in future pregnancies.)

As with most cosmetic surgery, a breast lift and a breast augmentation are considered to be major surgery. Both surgeries are often performed on an outpatient basis, but in some cases may be done in a hospital, which will require a one to two-day stay.

The Perfect Patient

Women who are physically and mentally healthy are the ideal candidates for this type of surgery. Most women who have the surgery are over the age of 30, but women who have extremely saggy or heavy breasts may want to have a breast lift at an earlier age.

It may also be a good idea to wait until you are done having children before having this surgery. While future pregnancies and breastfeeding abilities will not be affected by a breast lift, your breasts may sag again because of the pregnancy.


Recovery from a breast lift can take some time. It is advised that women take at least a week off work after the surgery. Strenuous sports or activities as well as lifting objects above your head should be avoided for about a month. Scarring from the surgery can take anywhere from several months to a year to fade. Although it is unlikely they will be very noticeable, it is possible to have some revision done to help the scars disappear completely.

While the results of the surgery can last a long time, they aren't permanent. Future pregnancies, aging, weight gain and, of course, gravity can all affect the results over time. Women who have breast implants put in with the breast lift may find their breasts stay firmer for longer.

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