Have You Bought a Second-Hand Safety Seat? 

Then be sure that the seat was never in a crash and isn't too old. Look for a model tag and serial number: run a check to make sure there have been no recalls on this model. Do not use it if there are any cracks in the frame of the safety seat or if it is missing any parts.

Taking these precautions should ensure the protection and wellbeing of your child. Don't forget that it's invaluable to set a good example: always wear your seat belt.

Child Safety Seat Laws
Apart from protecting your child, it may be necessary to place them in seats according to your state or province's law. States are increasingly becoming aware of the dangers of not restraining your children in safety seats while driving. For this reason, some police departments also have certified child passenger technicians on staff. These technicians will help you properly install safety seats.

A Parent's Concerns for Child Car Safety
Children can of course be rowdy during car rides, especially if it is a long one. For this reason, many parents sometimes feel it necessary to separate quarreling children and place a child in the front seat. This should really be avoided as a child belongs in the back seat. To avoid these issues, give children books to look through, soft toys to play with or keep them engaged with musical or educational cassettes.

Non-Traffic Related Injuries or Death
It may be that the purpose of you car trip is shopping. If so, remember that while it was once customary or acceptable to leave your children in the car while you did your shopping, it is not acceptable any more. It may be easier to leave children in the car while running errands, but this is a very dangerous practice and can be deadly.

It only takes a minute for someone to break into the car and abduct your child. Children are also very susceptible to neurological damage from heat stroke or car fumes, which can be caused in very short periods of time. Also, a child can climb out of their seat and shift the gears of the car. What is more dangerous is leaving children in an idling car. Your vehicle can be carjacked or children can be injured due to activation of power window controls.

So remember: it is an extremely dangerous practice to leave your children unattended in the car! It may take a bit longer to bring you children with you, but it means they are out of harm's way.

Recommended Products for Child Car Safety
Looking for a child safety seat? It's best to check out several brands and models to find one that best fits your needs. Remember that the most important precaution is to correctly install the safety seat you purchase!

In case of a vehicular accident, paramedics usually convey a child to the hospital in their car seat. You can buy child car seat ID kits 

that will provide paramedics with key information such as the child's name, contact information for family or neighbors as well as medical conditions or allergies. This kit includes a child DNA fingerprint kit, medical release form kits and many other important safety features.

There are also child safety pillows that provide for a comfortable car ride while preventing muscle soreness and awkward posture. The pillow attaches to a child safety seat and provides support to your child's neck and head, allowing them to sleep in comfort and safety during those long car trips.

Buckle Buddy Shoulder Strap Adjuster
The Buckle Buddy Shoulder Strap Adjuster positions the shoulder belt at the correct height for your child, significantly improving the performance of lap shoulder belt system.

Secureright LATCH Retrofit Kit
For use in vehicles with LATCH anchor points, this kit is used with non LATCH Evenflo carseats for proper installation.


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