Stopping Lactation

Conversely, if there is a need to stop lactation suddenly, there will be physiological changes that can be painful. However, there are ways of stopping lactation that gradually reduce the milk supply while minimizing some of the effects of lactation cessation.

By extending the period of time between expressing milk and taking out as little as possible each time, the milk supply will gradually decrease. Cutting down on salt means the body won't retain fluids, and taking Vitamin B6 helps to relieve engorgement.

To obtain help with nursing, whether to increase or decrease milk supply or if there are other problems, the Le Leche League is an excellent resource center established especially for breastfeeding.

Lactation Without Pregnancy

Is it possible to experience lactation without pregnancy? Yes, it is. Wet nurses were, at one time, the saving grace for women who were unable to breastfeed their babies.

These women maintained a milk supply to nurse babies without being pregnant themselves. Induced lactation is the result of breast stimulation, and in some cases, drugs are used along with stimulation to induce lactation.

It is possible to induce lactation by just sucking on the nipples alone, but it takes a long time. Temporary use of milk-inducing drugs and herbs are less physically demanding ways to induce lactation. Once established, lactation will respond to demand.

Medical literature indicates accounts of male lactation, however, such incidents tend to be rare. There are more reports of men lactating in recent times and, while it is an oddity, it is possible.

Men, as well as women, are able to lactate, but male lactation is usually the result of a hormonal imbalance.

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