Lasik Surgery Complications and Pregnancy Issues

Technology is amazing. There seems to be no end to the things that can be accomplished in terms of technology and health related innovations. One of the more recent advances has come in the area of eye care. Once, whether a person was near sighted or far sighted, the only help available was with the use of glasses. Then, along came contact lenses, and then surgery. Increasingly popular, Lasik surgery seems to be a panacea for people, whether near or far sighted, to receive the cure that will allow them to see without the aid of glasses or contacts.

When Lasik Isn't A Good Thing

Lasik surgery is corrective eye surgery that addresses vision issues quickly and very effectively. However, Lasik surgery can present complications when it comes to pregnancy and lactation. If a woman is pregnant, has recently had a baby, is planning a pregnancy, or is lactating (breastfeeding), then the hormonal changes that have occurred or will occur in her body commonly cause vision fluctuation. Corneal pressure due to fluid retention is another issue that creates difficulties for Lasik surgery in pregnancy or lactation. The goal of laser eye surgery is to pinpoint and correct refractive errors that are unwavering. Pregnancy and lactation promote refractive instability and challenges the ability of the Lasik surgeon to determine exactly what vision problems are involved.

Dangers of Lasik Surgery to Pregnancy

Lasik surgery complications come in the form of the drugs used to address surgical complications of refractive surgery. They may be dangerous to the pregnancy or they may pass through the mother's milk to the baby. Regardless what type of elective refractive surgery is desired, pregnancy and breastfeeding are both contraindications. In Lasik surgery, a woman would be required to take antibiotics and steroid eye drops before and after the Lasik procedure. Mild sedatives are also administered as a calming agent during the eye surgery. A baby would be exposed to these drugs by virtue of them being in the mother's bloodstream. While there is not concrete evidence about the drugs, it is best to err on the side of precaution. The fact that Lasik eye surgery is an elective surgery is enough to encourage a woman to wait until a more appropriate time to have the work done.

Lasik Surgery Cost

There are several factors that govern the Lasik surgery cost, and it varies depending upon which country the surgery is performed in, the level of experience of the doctor, the technology used and the amount of refractive error there is in the eyes. The Lasik cost can range from $500 to $2,500 per eye - but it is good practice to base the choice on the skill of the surgeon as opposed to the cost. A less skilled surgeon may charge less, but the fact that the surgeon is not as skilled can pose a problem.

Lasik surgery recovery is generally quick, however, each person responds and heals differently to the procedure. Most wake-up the morning after the surgery with great vision and no side effects. It is best to follow the doctor's instructions for post-surgery eye care because those first few hours after the surgery can make or break the outcome insofar as the surgery itself is concerned. There is a service known as LasikPlus which offers an even more personalized experience.

Cataracts and Lasik Surgery

The fact is that most eye surgeries have cataract risk attendant. Even if a patient is young, there is still a chance that the Lasik surgery will culminate in the need for a cataract surgery. Steroid drops, which are routinely prescribed also increase the risk of cataracts. Signs of cataracts prior to surgery are a red flag and people with this condition, or a precursor to the condition, should not have Lasik surgery. If you are in this bracket, or if you are interested in knowing more about Lasik surgery, then there are many Lasik surgery videos available on the internet which will help clarify, answer questions, and clear confusion.

Lasik surgery is not for everyone - it is best to see a trained professional for an assessment and to determine whether it is the best course of action for you as an individual.

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