Feeling insecure about being pregnant?

If there are problems with the pregnancy, gestational diabetes, or some other situation that is out of the woman's control, then low self-esteem during pregnancy can set in.

She may feel she isn't good enough to have a baby, that she doesn't have what it takes to complete a pregnancy and mother a child. This is especially true for women who have had miscarriages or lost a pregnancy previously.

Chronic pain can also cause feelings of insecurity and make a woman question her ability to bear and nurture a child.

Low Self-Esteem in Teenage Pregnancies

In addition to women experiencing low self-esteem during pregnancy, there are young girls who suffer greatly in the same way. Low self-esteem in teenage pregnancies is common.

The statistics indicate that more than one million adolescent girls become pregnant each year, but only 46% of them actually give birth. The balance of pregnancies are aborted, stillbirths or miscarriages.

According to the International Council for Self-Esteem, there is a very tight relationship between teen pregnancies and self-esteem.

Teenage girls with low self-esteem are more likely to be promiscuous, trying to feed their need for acceptance and love through sex. Insecurity, self-doubt and the fear of being left out all contribute to irresponsible behavior.

Girls who come from homes where love is in short supply look for someone to love who will love them back. A baby offers unconditional love - what they don't count on is the responsibility and work involved in raising a child.

Another factor that contributes to low self-esteem in teenage girls is their economic status. Even if they do not come from a poor home, the chances are that a teenage mother will end up living and raising her child in poverty.

This has a profound effect upon low self-esteem in teenagers who are pregnant and who have children. Even if a teenage girl does not suffer with low self-esteem during pregnancy, the chances are that because of the limits having a child places upon her, she'll end up on welfare, dependent upon society to carry her and her child.

The best way to deal with low self-esteem during pregnancy is to have a strong support system and a place to talk. Drugs are not the way to address the issues, especially when pregnant because of the danger to the baby. Counseling and encouragement are the best treatments during this sensitive time.

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