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Children love to be read to. It seems there is nothing quite like the calming sound of someone reading to bring the intensity level down in a noisy room. But, often mothers are just too busy to take the time out to read stories to their children, outside of bedtime stories, perhaps. An excellent way to deal with the dilemma of reading to your children when you just don't have the time is audio books.

Just Like Reading Out Loud

Children's audio books have been around for a long time, available as stories on records and then on cassette tapes. Now it is possible to buy or download stories for your children to listen to at home or in the car. Listening to an audio book while traveling makes the trip a lot more pleasant as the children are engaged in the story they hear. Audio books are great for generating the imagination of a child. Amazon audio books for children provides a huge selection of children's literature on CD. You can buy your children's favorite stories and have them handy for listening whenever there's a downtime to do so. You may find your children enjoy the experience so much they want to listen often.

Just how often should a child listen to audio books? That depends upon the child. Some children have a longer attention span than others, and it also depends upon the age, little ones tend to be able to sit for shorter periods of time than older children. Perhaps a good question to ask yourself is, how long would it take to read one or two stories to my little person; or, if the child is older, how long is too long to sit and read a book? As long as the time doesn't interfere with other obligations, it seems that listening to a good story is better than computer games.

Obtaining Audio Books From The Internet

With the use of the internet expanding daily, many sites are now offering free children's audio books for downloading to your computer, ipod, or mp3. Such sites as and make quality literature available free of charge to anyone who wants to take advantage of the great gift they offer. The ability to have free downloads of such classics as Cinderella, Snow White, The Three Little Pigs, and Rumpelstiltskin, for your little ones to listen to is a real bonus. Listening to stories helps develop attention as well as imagination. It increases and stimulates a love for words and language. Audio books make great baby gifts, especially since we know babies love the sound of voices. Audio books are a great tool used in therapy for autistic children as well as for the blind who sharpen their listening skills and even read along with the stories they hear.

The Best Authors And Stories Are Available

The genre for children's books varies from fairy tales to science fiction to biographies. Children remain captivated as long as the storyteller is doing a great job to telling the story. A biography can be as fun and interesting as a science fiction tale, as long as the reader is able to make the story come alive with vocal action. One excellent book that has recently come available is The Children of Hurin audio book, one of the Great Tales that J.R.R. Tolkien worked on through his life. Tolkien is best known for the Lord of the Rings series and other amazing stories to stimulate the imagination. Best for the older child, this audio book will captivate your child's mind and hold it enthralled for hours. This audio book is read by Christopher Lee, an actor with an incredible voice who brings the story to life.

Chivers children's audio books feature British stories and classics for children. The BBC, which is affiliated with Chivers, still has segments of audio stories on their radio stations, some of which are geared to children. There's no doubt about the fact that the history of British literature is splendid and your child will enjoy the variety, change of accent, and fun these audio books will bring. You can check out the list of audio books available through Chivers by Googling them on the internet.

Using Audio Books To Learn

Audio books are one of the best tools for teaching language skills, comprehension, and integration, whether in the native tongue or a foreign tongue. A good way to teach your child a second language is through the use of audio books. French audio books for children make stories, language studies, and games available on audio for children to learn the language. Children's audio books in Spanish do the same thing. In our multicultural society there are a few languages that are very beneficial to know, French and Spanish being two of them. Learning languages from audio books opens the child's learning pathways for language and enables him or her to learn more languages easily. You can find children's audio books in French and Spanish at

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