Children's Music - Together with Children's Books Make Great Learning Tools

The Great Radio Comeback

Remember in "the olden days" - the days kids refer to as being before they were born and when you were small - there were radio programs? Perhaps, if you're reading this, you were one of the kids who thought that radio programs belonged to "the olden days", too. In any event, at one time the entire family gathered around the radio to listen to stories and music - before the 1950s when television was made available to households. Today, sitting by the radio and listening to programs is seldom done, however, sitting in the car and listening to radio programs is still happening. What is exciting, especially for children, is the availability of children's radio today. Kids Public Radio, a new network for kids and families, offers 24/7 listening featuring web-based channels, archived audio, podcasts, and links. They are all free and the programming is commercial free!

What Makes A Good Children's Artist?

It takes a special sort to be a children's music artist. Those who are successful in the genre, like Ralph Covert, Jessica Harper and Steve Rashid, have an ability to communicate with children without making them feel unimportant. They have instant rapport and the ability to make children laugh and be totally at ease. Laurie Berkner, Fred Koch and Rick Scott are other artists who have not only shared their love for children with children, but have also developed workshops and conferences to help parents and teachers communicate with children through music. Perhaps one of the all time favorite group of troubadours is Peter, Paul and Mary, who got their start as folk singers in 1962. Their folk songs not only became favorites of those in the culture of the era, but their children's songs are still favorites today. The styles of music vary, but all of the artists play music that appeals to young children - catchy, fun, upbeat, and with words they can easily learn, or soothing lullabies and bedtime songs that lull them to sleep.

Do Ya Wanna Dance?

If you haven't already noticed, kids love to dance. They love to move around to the music and spin, jump, hop, and play to the sounds they love. Some children can dance to anything it seems, and others need a certain beat before they feel they can get moving. Regardless what style of music your children need to get them going, the fact remains that children's dance music is a favorite item. CDs and downloads of free children's music online make finding those special songs easy. You can find children's dance music with accompanying books to show steps that you can teach your children to go with the songs. But the real fun is just playing the dance music and letting them do their thing. They love it, it's great exercise, and it provides an opportunity for children to learn songs, develop a sense of rhythm, and enjoy themselves. Songs are usually poems put to music, so providing fun children's dance music with poetic words have a multilevel benefit. If the little ones have older siblings, or parents who are "into music" you'll find they have a profound influence on the style of music the children enjoy. Kids tend to like most music that is melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic. The hard rock style usually makes them agitated and sometimes aggressive.

Disney - Longtime Favorites

We are all familiar with the songs that accompanied the many and varied Disney productions. Disney music has been part of our modern culture for decades and children have grown up singing some of the songs from the different films produced over the years. Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo, A Spoonful of Sugar, High Hopes, and many others are classic music recordings that have stood the test of time.  Every new movie has a CD of the music and an accompanying songbook of music and lyrics for children (and adults) to learn.  Most of Disney's music, along with many of the other children's songs that are available today, is also available in children's sheet music for the budding musician. There's nothing like the look of pride and triumph on the face of a young child who has mastered playing a special song. Song books and CDs are a great go-together because the child can hear the song, learn the words, and have the music to learn to play the piece themselves. Another fantastic learning tool.

Classical Music Is Still Important

Classical music for children is available for purchase or download, and believe it or not, it is a genre that children enjoy. Just as classical music positively affects the brains and nervous systems of adults, it does exactly that with children as well. Again, children's sheet music in the classical genre, which is essentially simple versions of the weightier sheet music for accomplished musicians, provides a child with some of the tools to find expression through music. Coupling children's music with children's books is an excellent way to provide learning tools your child will enjoy. They make great gifts, too.

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