New Baby Gift - What Are Some of the Better and More Unique Baby Gifts?

New babies bring with them the opportunity to do what so many women love to do - shop for a unique baby gift. It's just a lot of fun, and there are so many creative new baby gift ideas these days that it can be difficult to choose just one item.

The Usual Fare...

The standard and always appreciated gifts for a new baby include flowers (for mom mostly), diapers, bibs and sleepers, receiving blankets and soft, plush toys. Truly, a new mom can never have too many of those items and they are always welcome. Here are some other ideas for new baby gifts, beginning before baby is born. How about a disposable camera for the new parents to tuck into their labor bag, ensuring their expensive camera doesn't go missing in the excitement of the birth.

...And Some New Ideas

Creating a baby bath-time gift basket by using a baby bath tub or tummy tub as a foundation can be a lot of fun. Fill it with all the things needed for baby's bath, beginning in the middle with a larger item like a bath toy - maybe a boat or a duck that the baby will enjoy later - and then surround the toy with baby wash cloths, baby towels, baby soap, lotion, powder, diaper rash cream, diapers, and baby pajamas. Include a story book about baby's first bath and you've got a unique new baby gift that the new mom will bless you for.

If you're dropping by with a new baby congratulations gift, baby keepsakes are ideal. Hand print and footprint kits are a wonderful gift. They come with an ink pad, paper, and a frame to put the hand and foot prints in, marking the birth of the baby. Picture frames and baby albums as well as piggy banks all make great new baby congratulations gifts.

Make It Personal

More and more new baby personalized gifts are showing up. Blankets with baby's name and birth date and clothing with baby's name embroidered on them are becoming more common. A great new baby boy gift is a personalized gift wagon, filled with clothing and toys with his name on them. There are companies that are specializing in creating personalized gifts for new babies and some of the things they turn out are amazing. If you're creative, like to sew or paint, then using those skills to create a baby afghan with baby's name incorporated into the crochet work or stitching is a priceless gift that will surely become an heirloom. Find a special keepsake box to store it in, paint baby's name and birth date on it and voila! A priceless, personalized baby gift made especially for the new baby.

Hey, What About Me?

If the new baby has siblings, then a new baby sibling gift is a generous and inclusive thought for the older child or children. Having a new baby in the house can be hard on older kids, especially if they are younger than five. They have been accustomed to having undivided attention and suddenly they aren't the center of the universe any longer. To help them adjust and feel important as well, a special gift from baby to the sibling(s) is a great way to introduce brotherly love into the family. A special one-on-one time with Dad or Mom and the older child, without baby, is a good way to ensure your child isn't feeling shoved aside. A trip to the zoo or out for lunch helps a lot to ease the strain. Buy a doll for the older child so they have a baby, too. The older child can name the doll and give it a birth date, feed, bathe, and change it just like you do with his new baby sister or brother. Books for and about big brothers and sisters are yet another way to include a sibling in the experience of having a new baby. T-shirts that brag about their position as "older child" bolsters self-esteem, and a lot of pictures of big sister or brother together with baby instills a sense of family. Be sure the older child has a copy of it framed and in his or her room.

And Then There's Mom

It seems that showers bring plenty of gifts for the new baby, but new mom gifts are important too. Nail polish, a gift certificate for a massage and pedicure, a chic shoulder bag for baby's things rather than the standard model baby bag, a piece of keepsake jewelry and even a self-help book to help a new mom deal with some of the insecurities and concerns that come along with having a baby, are all great ways to let a new mom know she's thought of and pampered.

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