Personalized Gifts - Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

When something has your name on it, you tend to keep careful guard over it - probably for your entire life. How many of us still have our baby book with our mother's handwriting telling all about our first tooth, our first steps, and our first haircut? The value of personalized gifts is that they are just that - personal. They belong specifically to the person whose name is on them. In this article we will take a look at some ideas for gifts beginning with personalized baby gift ideas and "growing" from there.

Personalized Gifts For Baby

There are so many cute and fun things available for babies these days that it is hard to choose the perfect gift. However, when you put the child's name on the gift, suddenly it is THE perfect gift. Personalized baby gift ideas range from clothing to books. Lamb or teddy bear blankies with the baby's name embroidered on them can follow a little child from birth all the way to their teens. Then it's stored as a keepsake. A personalized baby book, given to the mother, can be kept for life, given to the grown child when adulthood arrives, as our baby books arrived into our hands.

Children's Books and Other Treats

Personalized story books for children are another wonderful gift, and one that not only brings constant pleasure and entertainment, but it is also something that is kept for your children's children. These books make unique birthday gifts for kids, especially the ones that you can create telling the story of the child's birth, including his parents, his pets, and everything around his birth. Birthday books for older children can be created as well, with one of the online book creation companies that are springing up everywhere. Creating a personalized story book for children is a great way to get them interested in reading. Who doesn't want to read about themselves?

The Making of a Star

Among the unique birthday gifts for kids is a DVD made of them as the lead character in one of their favorite movies. If your little fellow loves Spiderman, then he IS Spiderman in a DVD created especially for him, with him as the star. Or, that little girl may be a beautiful fairy tale princess, like Cinderella and she can watch herself go from forgotten to favorite. What fun! Who knows, maybe a career in acting could be generated from such a fun gift. Personalized gift cards for kids are another popular choice for birthdays, especially when you're having to buy for a teenager. Somehow, their tastes change with the weather and rather than risking buying something they say they like but they absolutely hate, a personalized gift card to their favorite place to shop, or to a music store, is a great way to give them a gift they'll really appreciate.

Christmas, in a Personal Way

Christmas always presents challenges to shoppers, and when children are involved in the equation the challenge to get something they'll love is a big one. By purchasing a personalized gift for this holiday, something that is tied to Christmas, you can be assured the gift will make an appearance every year. A Christmas decoration with the child's name and birth date inscribed on it makes a lovely gift. Of course, Christmas stockings with the children's names on them show up every year, and every year they remind the giver that those stockings are a special part of their holiday celebration. Afghans with a child's name embroidered or crocheted into the pattern are forever gifts for children as well.

Personalized Gifts As They Grow

Personalized photo books, documenting a celebration are a priceless gift for confirmation, bar or bat mitzvah, graduation or marriage, not to mention baby's first year. Personalized photo books are treasures that last a lifetime and the receiver can relive the memories any time they look at the book. It's the perfect way to document a special time, or a lifetime, as an individual or as a couple.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating personalized gifts. Your imagination is the limit to what you can create for others whom you love and appreciate.

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