Children Self Help Books 

The Self-Help Movement Has Progressed

The last thirty years have seen a massive move toward building self-esteem and motivation through the use of self-help audio books and ever popular self-help books that are written by psychologists, psychiatrists, and laymen who have become self-help gurus. Today you can find thousands of titles written by people who have discovered something of value that they want to share. Some of these books are great and some are not. How do you know what's good and what's not - especially when it comes to helping your children overcome issues?

It took a while for children's self-esteem books to really come into their own. We were too busy building our own adult self-esteem that we failed to notice the genesis of low self-esteem is in childhood. Oh, we dealt with our childhood issues, but didn't manage to help our children much. As a result, many children have gone through childhood and are now working on their self-esteem issues as adults. It seems we may finally be getting it, though, as more and more material is becoming available to help children deal with self esteem issues.

Chicken Soup For The Soul

Perhaps one of the most well-known series of children's motivational books are the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books written by Jack Canfield and a variety of other contributors. It is worthwhile to note that in this series of books alone, there are 9 books devoted to teens and pre-teens. That would seem to indicate that kids are having a tough go of it sometimes. The Canfield books are children's motivational books, filled with stories of courage, hope, and laughter. One of these books makes a unique gift for a teenager or youngster and will go a long way to encouraging them.

The recognition of the need for reading material to help youngsters gain self-confidence has grown and now it is possible to obtain free self help books on the internet. They can be downloaded and printed as long as the author is acknowledged. Libraries and books stores have entire sections devoted to the subject and making a selection can be overwhelming. A referral or recommendation often helps in the decision making process. Your children's teachers may have suggestions for reading material, and your place of worship is another possible source for good motivational material for kids.

Boundaries and Communication Skills

One of the areas that children seem to have difficulty in is creating children's borders, boundaries within which they feel safe and secure. As parents, we should be able to teach our children about boundaries, however, many of us weren't able to create them for ourselves until adulthood - and some of us still don't have them. Children's self esteem books and children's motivational books help children create boundaries and borders through teaching them about their own self worth, what's okay and what isn't.

Within self-help books, communication is often a key component in paving the way to self esteem and motivation. These books can help a child gain communication skills, learn language that is effective and empowering, and it gives kids the understanding that they're not alone. Reading a self-help book to your child could be the key to opening a door of courage to walk through, a way of taking back their power and standing firm. The use of self help audio books is good because the child gets to hear affirming messages over and over again, reinforcing positive thoughts in his or her mind.

OCD And Self Help Books

A common fallout of low self-esteem is obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Kids with OCD have a nightmare they live that takes them outside of the realm of what is usually considered "normal" and adds to their sense of being different, battering their self esteem. The book, "Kids Like Me", written by Connie Foster, tells the stories of five children who have OCD. A Kids' Guide to OCD & The Locked Box was written by a nine-year-old boy with OCD, with the help of his mom. This story is inspirational and important as kids can see that there are other kids like them who have gained ground and found something that works. The Secret Problem is an illustrated children's book that uses cartoons to explain more about OCD.

There are myriad books available to help your child with self-esteem. The best of these books can be found mostly through trial and error. One person can read a book and find help and another can read the same book and it has no meaning or help for them. There are recommended books available through the public library and through mental health clinics. Check the internet for listings on Amazon and other booksellers' sites.

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