Thoughts For How To Choose Your Baby's Name

The nine months of pregnancy can be an exciting time of anticipation and preparation for welcoming not only a new family member, but a new human being into the world. We are full of wonder and curiosity about what this new person will be like. We hope and pray that we can give this special child everything he needs to grow into the best person that he can be. To this end we make sure that mom stays healthy and eats well during her pregnancy. We prepare for the birth, so that it will be a positive experience for the mother and the baby. We also carefully consider the name this child will be called throughout his entire life. What factors and considerations do parents take into account when deciding on a name for their baby?

Every set of parents has a different way to pick a name for their baby; and each baby, even in the same family, can have a different reason for how and why they got their name.

Names "In Memory Of"

In more traditionlly-oriented families it is common to name a baby after a departed grandparent, or other relative who they wish to honor and remember. A baby can also be named for a beloved friend, teacher or other respected person who they would like their child to emulate in some way.  In some cultures it is considered a sign of great respect to name the new baby after someone while they are still alive; a grandparent or even a parent.

April, Come She Will

Some parents like to remember the particular circumstances surrounding the birth of the baby, such as the season he/she was born in, or the day of the week. They might choose to name the baby after flowers that were blooming; the city or country of birth, or even the way the birth went.  We therefore see many names like 'Summer', 'June', 'Iris', 'Joy', and many others. In these cases, the only limiting factor for the parents is their creativity and ability to connect otherwise seemingly unconnected things.

Scarlett and Rhett, Jack and Rose

If parents are literature buffs, they might look to the classics, or any beloved book, movie or poem to find a name for their baby.  Even movies are a rich source of possible names for parents to choose from.

Naming a baby is not only a great responsibility- it can also be great fun!

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