Clothes Conscious

Dressing well is one way we set an example for our kids-we can't very well use an expression like, "Clothes make the man," and then walk around in a ratty bathrobe and rattier slippers. We want our children to understand that the way they present themselves matters. Our kids need to know that if we are clean, neat, and wearing attractive clothing, we give the best possible impression, but dressing well doesn't have to mean buying pricey clothing items. Here's how to buy clothes the sensible way.

Mix and Match

Buy items that can be used as separates. That doesn't mean you have to buy clothes that are marketed as separates. Bring items you want to match up along with you to the store. Accessories such as scarves or jewelry can help an outfit make the transition from casual to dressy in the blink of an eye, without breaking the bank.

Seasonal Sales

Buy your winter wardrobe for the coming year when this year's winter clothing has its big markdown. Styles don't change as much as you might think and your savings will be huge!

Quality, Not Quantity

It doesn't pay to buy three pairs of shoes for $35.00 each if they fall apart after the first few times you wear them. Better to invest in one timeless pair of fine pumps that can be worn for many years.

Stick To The Classics

Classic clothes are well made and last as long as they stay in style-that is to say, forever. An investment in a well made suit is better than buying clothing items that might as well be disposable-considering the shorter than short lifespan of such clothing. If you buy a few A-line skirts and tailored blazers of superior craftsmanship in neutral colors, you won't go wrong.

Check It Twice

Look over an article of clothing to see if it is well made before you buy. Start with seams-the more stitches per inch, the better the seam. Tighter stitches mean less of a chance the item (or you) will come apart at the seams. Check the thickness of the fabric and look for details like a double-lined yoke or French seams. A pleat in the lining of a blazer means a better fit that gives the wearer more room to move.

Keep your new clothes looking new by giving them lots of space in your closet and using wooden hangers.

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