Pregnancy: Keep Comfortable During the Summer

The temperature outside is soaring and so is your frustration as the heat intensifies your discomforts. During the hot summer months, a pregnant woman will easily feel exhausted and complain of swollen legs and feet.

If the heat has you beat, remember these ‘staying cool’ tips!

Staying Cool Tips
1. Avoid the direct midday sun by running errands early in the morning; this means you should stay out of the sun between 10 and 4.
2. Always drink eight glasses of water a day!
3. Invigorate your system with some cold mint tea; it’ll help you feel refreshed and add to your eight glass count.
4. Check local forecasts for air quality warnings; you’ll need to stay indoors on smoggy days.
5. White is in; wearing light-colored clothes will help reflect the sun whereas dark clothes absorb heat.
6. Wearing natural fibers, like cotton, will keep your skin cool.

Combat Swelling Tips
When summer hits, all the extra fluid in your body that protects your baby tends to make your body swell. Don’t worry, because there are lots of things you can do to keep swelling down:

1. Avoid standing for long periods of time; try to rest with your feet elevated as often as you can.
2. Wear comfortable shoes; wear flat shoes at all times.
3. Do mild exercises early in the morning, three times a week.
4. Remove rings from your fingers before they swell.
5. Put a towel or soft blanket under your mattress at the foot of your bed to keep your legs elevated while you sleep.
6. Minimize your salt intake.

Have a cool summer and a wonderful pregnancy!


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